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The Best Libertarian Movie I've Seen In Awhile (Dallas Buyers Club)


If you like supporting movies that have a libertarian bent, I highly recommend going to see the movie "Dallas Buyers Club". The main story and themes consist of fighting corrupt big government and big pharma, fighting for the rights of the individual to ingest what s/he decides, and social acceptance of personal liberty on many fronts. I highly recommend going to see this movie.

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Gary Johnson (D)

Gary Johnson (L) needs to become Gary Johnson (D). If there's one thing the story of Ron Paul should teach you, it is that you need to be part of the debate. If half of the country isn't planning on watching the Republican debates leading up to 2016, we need to inject some common sense into the Democratic Party's debates. Libertarian principles need to be voiced in all the debates, especially the two largest.

The Free and Equal debates were great, but let's be honest. Which is the bigger stage: the Free and Equal debate (aired on RT and CSPAN) or the Democratic Party's debates (aired on all major media channels). Maybe this will help answer that question: Imagine if Ron Paul never stepped foot on a Republican stage in 2008.

Most people that I know who vote for Democratic candidates do so based on one or two social issues. There needs to be a fiscally conservative, yet socially liberal candidate in the Democratic Party's debates. If people don't become educated on fiscal topics, it becomes very difficult to swing votes to the Libertarian or Republican candidate.

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The Illegal Immigrant: The Conservatives' Best Friend

Fiscal-conservatives strive for an America less fraught with heavy overspending from Washington, and almost all Republicans, until some were apparently castrated by Obama's second victory, believed and preached the importance of low taxes as the catalyst to economic growth. The term "fiscal-conservative" can loosely be coupled with "Constitutional-conservative," "Tea Party conservative," "libertarian," or just plain ole "conservative". Ron Paul introduced me to conservatism based on libertarianism and the Constitution. I don't know how many videos I've watched of Ron Paul throughout his career, various articles I've read on the Daily Paul, or arguments I've partaken in with family members, but nothing made me laugh out loud so much as listening to Milton Friedman talk about illegal immigration. Built on Friedman's argument, one can make the argument that the illegal immigrant is the conservatives' best friend.