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Homestate of the Creature from Jekyll Island as well as those misleading "guidestones." Last clue: Jimmy Carter was here.
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Raised by Republicans, as a child, I remember hearing my Dad in California jokingly referring to Reagan as "Ronnie Baby." Not until the Bush Gore scenario in 2000 did I begin to pay closer attention to politics. The drama that unfolded made me want to figure out what these characters were up to.

I had just voted, halfheartedly for G.W. Bush(the first time.) Watched 911 unfold with our three young children and a baby on the way. As a young Christian, the propaganda machine had done it's job and I found myself under the spell of war.

Then, I started asking the Lord to show me what HE thought about the war in Iraq...Thankfully, God heard and led me not to vote for Bush the second time...

Got involved as a family in our first campaign in 2008 as we prayerfully joined the R3VOLution(after coming across Ron Paul's You Tube channel and within minutes of listening being moved to tears.) I had read Tupper Saussy's Miracle on Main Street(an easy read and great intro to sound money) before learning of Ron Paul and thought how wonderful the idea of sound money sounded! Would never have dreamed it would become a topic of national discussion especially this soon. We also had the chance to be involved with the first ever, nation wide Tea Party protest but tuned out as soon as Faux "News" touched it. Thanks to young, American patriots, who filmed on site(chasing Sean Hannity and chanting the truth about Fox News,) we saw clearly in 2008 that Fox news is one of only many enemies of Dr. Paul in today's controlled, mass media.

Being a Christian, I have sought to think through and understand the passion I've felt for Dr. Ron Paul and the movement for liberty, wanting to be careful that my interest in temporal politics would not conflict with my allegiance to Jesus Christ and His eternal kingdom. The Bible admonishes us to ask for the "old paths" and commands that we "obey the laws of the land." The Lord has let me come to view these scriptures as respecting our nation's founding documents. The Bible also asks us "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Furthermore, I believe the 1st amendment was made first for a reason. Unfortunately there is much confusion today surrounding so many issues, one of them being the issue of church and state. God is not the author of confusion btw.

The founders understood the dangers of respecting an establishment of religion. Freedom of religion along with freedom of speech are two of our most precious foundations. The government doesn't get to decide whose beliefs are or are not valid. The people are free to worship what they choose(we all worship something,) and truth is free to triumph. If we can protect freedom of speech, we will retain enough light to expel the darkness. The first amendment also addresses the media...
I appreciated Michael Nystrom's post a while back for weekend viewing as that was my first real introduction to Lee Atwater. I believe Lee Atwater was right as he wondered, while contemplating death, about who would lead America through the 90s. He said he didn't know who would but that "they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul." Speak is exactly right, not legislate, not force, not coerce, essentially undermining the sacred choice of a man to worship His creator. That's just not how Jesus rolls.

An e-mail I received from several years ago stated that the answer to speech is more speech! The reason corrupt governments fear free speech is because when given free course, truth always triumphs and corruption can never thrive in the light of truth. If you love truth, and free speech is truly practiced, you don't have anything to fear!

Anyhow, I'm very thankful for the freedom and truth based media coverage found here at the Daily Paul and to all of the patriots with video cameras making a real difference in our lives today! If or eventually when evil has it's temporal "victory" and America is ushered out, it's not going to be without a shout.

Ride on King Jesus and for now, ride on Ron Paul Revere!