• then

    we'd have a pension crisis from all the free loading politicians that get lifetime pensions after only one term.

  • well then,

    I guess you should just support the establishment candidate...they never back down or go back on their word! Plus, if you support them long enough and give them plenty of "donations" you might even be asked to become one of them.

    Rand Paul is, by far, the best viable candidate that you may be able to support. If he could actually pull off the gargantuan feat of beating an establishment candidate for the nomination, the people of this country could actually vote for someone that is the better choice instead of voting for the lesser of two evils.

    what a day that could be for the people.

  • I come here

    To find news I might not find otherwise.

  • the video says

    the militia are showing up, but no pics or video. I guess we are supposed to believe them?

  • we too

    are taking our kids out of the public school system here in Temecula, CA. one of the reasons we moved here, was the schools are rated as the best in the county, but I feel they are totally failing our kids.

    we found some charter schools that have home school programs and we are going to choose one of those. even if they end up having statist curriculum, we can present it however we like and can show our children how to think critically and show them the counter arguments against statist thought.

  • talk is cheap

    does she have a voting record? the democrat party does not tolerate dissidence in their ranks...even less than the republican party.

  • Hmmm

    Nirvana, raconteurs, green day, original van halen, jimi Hendrix, red hot chili peppers, why pick just one?

  • propagandists/apparatchiks/bots/trolls

    "Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable."

    that is a quote from the new media outlet The Intercept, also reported on NBC. it's a pretty good read.


  • talk is cheap

    check the voting record.

  • we aren't limiting it now.

    the people that want to come here, come here. sure, a few get stopped, but they usually just try again. then they have to live in the shadows.

    they are coming whether they are legal or not.

    it is the same argument for drugs, prostitution, etc.. if there is a demand, then someone is going to supply it. legal or not.

    anyhow, that is not what I was talking about in the first place. I was merely pointing out the major flaw of the north American free trade act...it has all the components of free trade except the free movement of labor. if they truly wanted free trade, they would make a system that allows labor to meet the demand.

    I live in southern California, and can take advantage of cheap labor by moving some of my capital to the free trade zones just south of the border, but someone in Utah must rely on labor migrating to where they are. that is not free trade.

    I am not making a moral argument, just a reality argument.

  • bull

    shit... I think you got the statistics backwards. if it were how you describe it, then the criminal 1% would pay for their actions. that is not how it is going down and we all know it.

  • that

    is the problem with nafta. they have all of the elements of free market capitalism built in, except the freedom of movement for labor.

    what drives illegal immigration is the fact that immigration is illegal.

    people have migrated for the history of mankind. they are driven by economics, a desire to escape despotism, a better physical environment, better resources, etc...

    whenever a law is created that limits natural human nature, then criminals are also instantly created.

  • what are the senators afraid of???

    if they aren't doing anything wrong, why are they afraid??? for some reason the question doesn't work as well on the politicians that tell us the same exact thing.

  • you might want to actually read the article

    she is not being sent home. she is being sent to her home state. they still are not letting her go home with her parents.

  • the comments following the article

    are pretty awesome, though!

  • my


  • i guess i'll expose my naivety about polling.

    i'm a little confused after watching the clip. when asked who they would like to see run for president, republicans responded thusly:
    41% bush 39% paul 32% rubio and 31% christie.

    in my simple mind, the numbers don't add up to 100%.

    could someone please help me learn something today?

  • a quit claim

    only gives the person receiving the quit claim the release of any interest that the person giving the quit claim may have. it doesn't even pretend to give a clean title or represent that the title is free of other encumbrences.

  • why would any dumbass do that?

    How can you get a mortgage on a property that you can't get title insurance on? getting title insurance is part of the escrow. if the title is clouded, you don't get the mortgage.

    I paid cash for mine.

  • The best foreclosure defense

    Pay your mortgage