• how can filming someone

    be instigation?? it is just a recording of reality for posterity. history is written by those in power. video doesn't lie.

  • amen


  • Duh

    Today is Tuesday!!!!
    Thanks for the reply

  • he showed a list

    of thousands of people, but only released the names of 5 prominent muslims that gave him permission to release their names/stories.

    I think that he released them first to show how hypocritical people are. He will show how apathetic people are when they think a few radicals are being unconstitutionally spied on. Then he will release more names/stories of people more like the mainstream. Eventually he will show that the most mundane citizens are being spied on.

    just a theory...I hope it is true.

    I know what you're thinking, why dribble it out. I, too, would prefer to know the whole (provable) truth and nothing but the truth. Alas, I am not the one in control of the information.

  • He wouldn't need to recite it verbatim.

    He could just give a synopsis. I do understand the political side of your argument, but if you really stand for the truth, then get er done.

  • if a congresscritter

    cannot be punished for anything they read into the record on the floor of the house, then why doesn't he just go to the floor and speak his mind?

    p.s. I have great respect for Mr. Massie

  • or

    you could just install a much stronger door that cannot be easily broken down.

  • i would let anyone that wanted to join.

    if someone is a troll, then other members can deal with them as they wish. I prefer to ignore.

    if someone is a spammer, delete them.

    a site like this is always going to need some sort of monitoring, that comes with the territory.

    how can you spread the good word to those that aren't already exposed to it if you only allow people that are like you?

    allow people to enter, if they don't follow the rules, delete them. otherwise, "don't hurt people and don't take their stuff"

  • good luck

    I watched the caucuses and conventions, as they were streamed live or on youtube. I was constantly trying to tell people what was going on, but they just can't get past what the propaganda media tells them, if they even pay attention to that!

    one of my best friends, who happens to be a bleeding heart liberal from a family of bleeding heart liberals, is someone I had always tried to get through to. I sent him a video of the Louisiana caucus or convention or whatever it was when the people voted in the new chairman and the off duty police officers broke fingers and hips.

    when I asked him if he viewed it and what he thought about it, he said, "it just looked like a bunch of racists getting together".

    I was so flabbergasted that I just didn't want to talk to him anymore, and still refrain from talking politics with him.

    the ignorant want to stay ignorant. to do anything else would be a crack in their insulative cognitive dissonance.

  • the article says

    they are closing recreational and housing facilities at some bases. it doesn't say it is closing any bases.

  • government

    and it's unending appetite for growth, which equals more encroachment on freedom and more barriers to making a good living.

  • indoor

    go cart and amusement center

  • lying gov't elitist and democrat party apparatchik

    vs. truth seeking citizens.

    who ya gonna believe?

  • then

    we'd have a pension crisis from all the free loading politicians that get lifetime pensions after only one term.

  • well then,

    I guess you should just support the establishment candidate...they never back down or go back on their word! Plus, if you support them long enough and give them plenty of "donations" you might even be asked to become one of them.

    Rand Paul is, by far, the best viable candidate that you may be able to support. If he could actually pull off the gargantuan feat of beating an establishment candidate for the nomination, the people of this country could actually vote for someone that is the better choice instead of voting for the lesser of two evils.

    what a day that could be for the people.

  • I come here

    To find news I might not find otherwise.

  • the video says

    the militia are showing up, but no pics or video. I guess we are supposed to believe them?

  • we too

    are taking our kids out of the public school system here in Temecula, CA. one of the reasons we moved here, was the schools are rated as the best in the county, but I feel they are totally failing our kids.

    we found some charter schools that have home school programs and we are going to choose one of those. even if they end up having statist curriculum, we can present it however we like and can show our children how to think critically and show them the counter arguments against statist thought.

  • talk is cheap

    does she have a voting record? the democrat party does not tolerate dissidence in their ranks...even less than the republican party.

  • Hmmm

    Nirvana, raconteurs, green day, original van halen, jimi Hendrix, red hot chili peppers, why pick just one?