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Introducing: 'Hold' Music's Greatest Hits!

Now YOU can listen to 'hold' music - anytime, anywhere!


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Millions Participate In Cuban Version Of Survivor

HAVANA, CUBA–Inspired by the hit CBS show Survivor, Cuba's 11 million citizens are participating in their own version of the popular island-survival game. "I hope very much to make it to next week," said contestant Livan Ordonez, eating a rat as part of a "Starvation-Immunity Challenge" during last Wednesday's episode. "If I do not survive, who will provide for the Ordonez Tribe?"

Under the somewhat altered rules for Cuban Survivor, contestants who fail to remain on the island are declared...

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The United States Government Tortures People*

*sorry no asterisks available at this time

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Maybe the United Nations Should Take Over Policing the United States

Or maybe not, all things considered...

When is this gonna stop being an issue! !!

I'm not above my disguise which isn't to say I'm above anything...

See your local retailer...

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Former Police Chief Admits Involvement In Federal Anti-patriot Operation

"I was sent out by agencies to go out and attract and investigate... Second Amendment groups, patriot groups..."

I've always been very pro-second amendment."


Former Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler admitted on the Alan Colmes Show Tuesday that his viral gun rights videos were created under a covert federal operation to attract and take down patriot groups across the country.


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Heavy Police Presence In Ferguson To Ensure Residents Adequately Provoked

Ahead of a grand jury’s decision over whether to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, police in the city of Ferguson have reportedly heavily increased their presence this week to ensure residents are adequately provoked.

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Meet Norton I - First Emperor of the United States

Scholars will debate till time merges with the singularity the merit and validity of presidential decrees, signing statements and executive orders. But no one can argue with the proclamations of an emperor - particularly when that emperor is Norton 1: First Emperor of the United States (& Protector of Mexico.)

the emperor frequently rode a bicycle when checking on the welfare of his subjects

Joshua Abraham Norton was born in England, raised in South Africa, and came to settle in San Francisco USA in 1849, where he lost his fortune, lost his mind, and finally declared himself 1st Emperor of the United States. The 2008 short film 'If I Were Emperor Of the United States...' (Emperor Norton's Decree) tells the story weller than I could:

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THEY'RE HE-AR! Crime-Fighting Robots Go On Patrol In Silicon Valley

"The first thing that’s going to happen is the burglar is going to spot the robot. And unfortunately, criminals are inherently lazy. They’re not looking for something that’s going to be confrontational, they’re looking for something that’s going to be an easy target,” said Stacy Stephens, co-founder of Knightscope. “They see the robot and maybe they move down to the next place down the street.”



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The Environment

Mankind has an effect.

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Humanity can Survive Anything - Just Watched Part 2 of 'The Dust Bowl'

all I can say is 'wow'

Six-minute preview - The Dust Bowl Episode | Uncovering the Dust Bowl …: http://youtu.be/guTek7ipD4U

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I Know You by Your Shadow: Post Your Beautiful Thoughts Here

Love knows its love by its presence
And its essence.

Lovely inklings -
Hopeful thinkings
fall like sprinklings.

While we while at this, that,

Turns out,
It was the cat.

Got some profound, deeply meaningful thought, idea, brainfart what have you that your not ashamed to share with the world? Post it here! No one is looking except your friends!

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Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought

"Using your brains to think of an idea, and your skills to implement it - that's the old model."


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R&B Legend Aretha Franklin Named U.S. Attorney General

Ms. Franklin and her signature afro with President Barack Obama

Via Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Saturday picked Memphis-born R&B legend Aretha Franklin to be the next U.S. attorney general, signaling a change in style but a continuation of the law enforcement priorities the administration has pursued.