• You're actually correct on

    You're actually correct on all of those except the jail one. Jail just teaches people that they are animals.


  • "We're going to kill some

    "We're going to kill some people to prevent them from killing" - Every dictator know to man

  • You have to hit a child to

    You have to hit a child to make it eat, dress or sleep? I don't think i'm understanding your questions....

    The main issue here is you're trying to raise a child how you've been told all your life to raise a child.. Yes, you're correct with the violent old fashioned american way of raising a child, it is impossible to bring them up without abusing and punishing them. But, there are other ways out there.

    Aggressive force is violence. Where is the violence in assisting a child in putting on a shirt? Or eating? If they don't want to put on a shirt then why should they have to? If they don't want to eat then why should they have to? A baby will eat just about anything you put in their mouths when they're hungry, so that's pretty easy. No force.....
    You're trying to nitpick instances to show that your methods are correct. They've been proven wrong and i'm sorry you still believe they help when they are only making things worse in the long run. It will almost certainly make your offspring violent themselves and the tradition of violence will continue on down the line.

    Natural dictatorship? Lol no such thing... It's called traditional dictatorship. Do you see animals in the wild punishing their children? Or forcing them to do anything? No, they do their own thing and the child watches, follows, picks it up and learns by example. THAT is the way parenting should be. You can't make another human being do what you want just because...

    And how long will a child realistically not be able to do some things on their own? 1 year or a little less maybe? After that they're able to grasp some language, know what food is, walk etc. It's all up to the parent on whether they want to raise a grown up baby or an understanding human being.

  • Umm, read up on human

    Umm, read up on human violence.. It is almost always caused by physical or mental abuse at childhood..... Violence + Violence = Violencex2

  • Man, reading all of these

    Man, reading all of these pro-abuse comments is really showing me that we have MANY years to go before we can coexist peacefully. The indoctrination is strong.....

    At least we have some people getting away from violence. We'll get there eventually. Baby steps.

  • Huh? So become a hypocrite

    Huh? So become a hypocrite when it comes to what you believe and what you actually do??

    Non-aggression principle? Hello....

    I don't care if it's a person with no legs, mentally challenged, a child etc etc. NO aggression towards another human being. That's what libertarianism is about. It's pretty damn simple.

  • Their game, their rules,

    Their game, their rules, period.

    Not sure what some think they will accomplish staying in the government racket.....

    Agorism or go home.

  • As long as she is talking

    As long as she is talking truth and spreading vital information I could care less what 'party' she runs with. I don't vote either way...

  • Molyneux always there to put

    Molyneux always there to put the puzzle toegther in the minds of the unenlightened.

  • Permaculture ftw! It can be

    Permaculture ftw!

    It can be done anywhere on the world... well maybe not Antarctica lol


  • Great to see people standing

    Great to see people standing with the farmer, but gawd that song is awful lol... All I hear is Red White and Murka! Had to mute it.

  • Imagine a court system or

    Imagine a court system or fire department being ran like this......

    Voluntaryism ftw.

  • So, stopping an inebriated

    So, stopping an inebriated and obviously impaired man from driving to pick up his kids is not the same as preventing a possible accident?

    You can say the same about pushing someone out of the way of traffic. That isn't an immediate danger either because who knows if the car would swerve or if the guy would hear the car and jump out the way.. With that logic why try to save anyone?

    Obviously, his best friend knew something you didn't.

  • Believe it or not the

    Believe it or not the Voluntaryism philosophy is spreading like wildfire. They may not know that it's anarcho-capitalism that they are endorsing, but I have heard many many people agree with the principles of anarchy the past 2 years or so, especially this year.

    This past week I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with Joel Salatin (Polyface guy) on and even he mentioned he wanted a life without any government intervention with everything being voluntary. It seems from children to reporters all the way to old farmers the anarchy philosophy is really getting in peoples minds. The Revolution may be sooner than we think......

    It just makes sense.

  • I don't think so. It could be

    I don't think so. It could be put into the same category as shoving someone away from oncoming traffic..

  • The choke would have worked

    The choke would have worked just fine without the punch to the head lol... but either way he might have just saved his friends life. A true friend.

  • Not sure if this is true or

    Not sure if this is true or not, but I will tell you that if you haven't purchased x39mm ammo yet, you might be in a bit of trouble trying to get it for cheap.... Prices have been skyrocketing for a while now. I would not recommend buying any AK ammo at this time.. The amount of shipments has not changed, the only thing that has is the prices. People running out and hoarding ammo because of media induced fearmongering causes the inflation in prices.. Same with last year when people ran out and bought up all the ammo they could find at really extremely high prices because of the "gun ban" agenda.

    Don't follow the sheep.

    Besides, you should have already had loaded up on ammo months or even years ago.....

  • Unless we are being attacked

    Unless we are being attacked on American soil this "defending the nation" thing is absolute bullshit and just another excuse to go and do what we want in other's lands.. Same old, same old.....

  • I don't salute anyone that

    I don't salute anyone that believes they have more rights than any other human being, no matter what they have done in their lives or what shiny little badge they have on their clothing. I don't respect it.

  • Yeah, I really don't ever

    Yeah, I really don't ever remember reading anything about Natives in North America using marijuana.. I've mostly only heard about it being used in India and the middle east, mostly used as religious sacraments by christians, jews and muslims back in the hay days.

    The only psychoactives that I know that Native Americans have said to have used are Tobacco, Psilocybin mushrooms, Sinicuichi, Peyote/Cactus, Salvia Divinorum, Yage, Tilo, Morning Glory, Datura and like Holly plants for a caffeine buzz.

    Pretty interesting that people lump natives in as having used marijuana without no real evidence....