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Delegates Must Indicate Their Candidate One Hour Before the Vote

Attention delegates:

The games have started already. John Ryder, committeeman from Tennessee, tried to change the threshold to nominate Paul from 5 states to 10.

Morton Blackwell, committeeman from Virginia opposed the change and "Ryder agreed to change the number back to five states, but the amendment passed with one change intact: DELEGATES MUST INDICATE IN WRITING AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE THE VOTE WHO THEY INTEND TO NOMINATE"

Anyone who wants to vote for Paul should prepare their votes NOW!


In Liberty,

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Texas Primary May 29 - The Name Of The Game

The name of the game is taking over the party. The Texas primary is May 29th and we need to elect as many liberty based congressmen, senators, sheriffs, etc. as possible. A lot of you have already done your research and many have probably not. Please share your personal picks for the upcoming primary to make sure all of our liberty candidates are well represented. There are a lot of districts in Texas so please associate your candidates with their appropriate Senate district, Congressional district and precinct.

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signs for TylerTexas possibly from Shreveport LA

Looking for large quantity of banners and signs from states that have already voted. I live near Tyler and would be willing to meet at the border of Texas or Oklahoma. I have been volunteering for the liberty for all superpac here in Tyler. If there are any organizations or individuals who could provide signs to blanket the area please let me know.