• Seth Rogan

    Is a Zionist Jew that acts like he's an atheist. The dude is an idiot.

  • I spoke

    I spoke with an Australian the other day. He said he feels bad about Americans and says he hates the majority. He says we are consumed with Greed. However, he didn't like his Country either.

  • Ummm

    Libertarian Party all over again

  • I don't

    I don't understand this. Why would Rand hire him, if he did his father dirty? I am confused here

  • Cool!

    Thanks for confirming a vote from me to Rand. The fact that Dick doesn't like Rand, makes me like him even more than I did before.

  • It is sad

    It is sad to say, but we are not winning. It is not easy to defeat the system. The system is to powerful and the people get distracted to easily.

  • Yeah...

    But if you want to talk reality, than you would should be aware that they will find someone who will.

  • I do

    I do agree with you most of the time on this post, but their are couple of things I do not. For example, you state that we need to take it easy on the cops, because the problem is much deeper than the police, which I am sure we all know that. I would love to see good cops, expose the bad ones. You rarely ever see such a thing. I worked plenty of jobs in the past, and if I saw someone doing something unethical on the job, I'd confront them. Do things like this ever happen behind the scenes?

    Second, you state that we might need you. You might be right, but you also might need us. I'd like the point out that I lived in a bad neighborhood all my life and have yet to call the cops for help. There are cameras all over the street to, provided by our township which I disagree with. None of these low lives in my neighborhood are dangerous. They are just idiots and can't pay bills.

    I was actually trying to become a cop. I am not quite sure if I am going for that exact position now, but you never know. Almost 75 percent of the time, I have interactions with cops that are positive. Only rare occasions, I get a cop on a bad day. I do go easy on cops, but if you try to trick me like some have tried, I will expose you with the Constitution. That is just the way the game gets played lol.

    I'd like to add that we need to go after the laws. If cops decide to look the other way, they will be fired and be replaced by someone who will. Police are not the root problem.

  • I can't

    I can't believe this debate even still exists. People smoke it anyways. The fact that alcohol and pills are allowed but a joint isn't, makes me baffled every time I think about it.

  • My jaw

    dropped when Peter King said that you can't talk when you can't breath, but what if he was having a hard time breathing? The man was in panic mode. I can't believe they let some old hag on TV justify murder over a pack of cigs. Peter King is a slimeball and if I ever see that guy in public, I'm spitting on him.

  • The video

    The video doesn't bother me at all. In fact, it is the youtube comments that worry me the most. Reading Youtube comments make me give up on society.

  • Sorry...

    I was tired and I was typing on my stupid phone. I can write much better than this post. You can doubt my knowledge if you want, but my masters degree will speak for itself. I fixed it a little, but I am not going to go out my way to satisfy your needs professor.

  • lol

    My English is much better than this post. I was tired and typing on my phone.

  • At my campus

    I get a student or two almost every day asking what the sticker means.

  • I get that

    I get that too some times lol. And I feel the same way, as if I did something wrong driving but then I realize.

  • Hmmm

    In my town Officers praise me for it. But I do not doubt your thoughts.

  • Yup

    I give out Ron Paul videos, but I tell the people to keep an eye on Rand and hope they show support to him as well.

  • I feel the same way lol

    Sometimes I just want to talk and they look all defensive. I don't date often because I am a Christian and most people I am friends with are not. However, the best girl friend I had was in the army.. shocking...

  • I'm New Jersey!

    I am near by seaside. Born and raised in a small town called Barnegat... work in Atlantic City. 27 yrs old still trying to get my masters degree. Relationships mean nothing to me right now, plus am way too young for ya'll lol... However, I have great convos with older people. The young don't seem to care.

  • I always

    have amazing conversations with Ron Paul supporters, but its hard to find them supporters. I usually get stared at as if I am an alien from another planet.