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At my wit's end with pooping cat; please help save her life?

My 18-year-old Siamese has taken to thinking of the floors as her toilet. It started with pooping everywhere; now she's peeing as well.

This (post) is a cry for help. I'm at my wit's end. The shock collar I bought fortunately doesn't work -- as I was fitting it, the recent story of the "stun belt" came to mind which a judge used to torture an innocent, and I don't really want her terrorized about moving around the house at different times (our thought was to keep her out on the screened-in porch (with cat door) when we weren't around, using the electric barrier, so that the other two cats could come and go -- their litter is out there). It'd be one thing if we wanted to keep her permanently away from an area, but turning it on and off, she'll have fear every time she tries to come indoors. This is the end of her life, and I don't want it to be fearful. Judging by previous cats she has about two years to go. Two years to "go" indoors, is two years too long.

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Daily Paul source code availability?

I just started reading http://www.dailypaul.com/324537/the-daily-pauls-significance, and I agree that there is something very special about the Daily Paul.

I used to read Slashdot regularly, like I now read the Daily Paul. One aspect of Slashdot was that they open sourced Slashcode, so that others could create similar sites using open source, freely-available technology.

Michael has recently expressed some forms of wanderlust, and perhaps managing the site is becoming more of an expense for him than he would like (in time, mostly, I'd imagine).

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Thoughts on reincarnation and spheres of influence re: the Flower of Life

The Daily Paul exposed me to a concept about a year ago, that being that there is only a single soul; it keeps coming back as each of us. I found that fascinating; the idea that when you help another, you're helping yourself, and when you harm another, you're damaging yourself. Really changes one's perspective on many of one's behaviors.

Decades ago I had done a "past life regression" in which I came up with two previous lives; if memory serves, a blacksmith and a carnie. I was thinking about that regression earlier (having listened to Dream Theater's "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory" (below) recently, which has a hypnotist counting down at the beginning, as well as throughout), and realized that pretty much any story one might invent, is a potential life that one has lived (or will live; I wonder which of us were the first and the last? Or if it works that way?), and that the amount of stories I can think of is my sphere of influence.

This led to thinking about the Flower of Life, which one can draw with a compass; make a circle, and then move to the edge of the circle, and make another. In the video I had watched (below), this was described as God had a sphere of influence, which was described by the first circle. Then, as it says in the Bible, "God moved upon the face of the waters", to the edge of His influence, and then drew the next circle. Continue drawing a circle at the intersections of the first circle, and each additional, and you'll have drawn six circles around it, forming a six-petaled flower in the center. That is the Flower of Life.

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"Daddy Warbucks": it has been staring me in the face since childhood!

I'm reading a book on vitamin D; the author had taken mega-doses for 2 years and reports his findings. I'm only 6% or so in, and the author is discussing "Warfarin" a substance which depletes vitamin K (which is the real issue with "vitamin D toxicity" -- it uses up the vitamin K that our bodies need for other processes).

When I saw Warfarin, my brain (as it tends toward word association) though of other words that start with "War" especially capitalized, and "Warbucks" came to mind, quickly followed by "Daddy Warbucks".

Daddy Warbucks. A mean old tyrant who made his money investing in implements of murder.

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Bitcoins may soon become a national currency, replacing others - Roger Ver, bitcoin entrepreneur

From http://rt.com/shows/sophieco/156756-bitcoin-currency-roger-ver/

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular virtual currency, and brings with it a new breed of digital multi-millionaires. A few dollars several years ago could have made you millions in present-day – but when bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox virtually disappeared, many fortunes were lost. Can you put your trust in the virtual market? Why are governments so eager to shut the bitcoin marketplace down? And what happens if someone hacks your digital money? Today on SophieCo, we ask these questions and more to Roger Ver, a bitcoin entrepreneur known as 'Bitcoin Jesus.'

Sophie Shevardnadze: And here we are with Roger Ver, bitcoin entrepreneur. Roger, it is really great to have you with us. He is joining us from Japan. Now, governments call bitcoin a financial pyramid, but you call it the most important invention since the internet. Why?

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Crowdfunding campaign to produce free energy devices

I noticed HopeGirl's project (to Fix The World) a few weeks prior to March 25, 2014, which was when they posted the open source plans to create this device, based on Tesla's patent.

Today, I saw a comment on her site (see below) from a member who is building two devices, if funding comes through in the next 15 days:


HopeGirl's site:


They have a forum as well:


I helped out prior to their release of the plans, and have also just contributed to this. I know some people will say I'm throwing my money away, and perhaps nothing comes of this; I have hope.

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I hope the Russians love their children too

Was discussing this old song, and realized it has some relevancy with the events in the Ukraine.


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Why I just unsubscribed from Ben Swann's newsletters

I've been enjoying reading the headlines in Ben Swann's newsletters, but generally don't click on them because I've generally already read the article that it was from, here at the Daily Paul.

Last week I got an email from Ben Swann which had an ad disguised as a piece of news. Then a day or two later I received an email which was a full ad.

Yesterday I got an email in which one of the stories was obviously an ad (I think it was the same as last week's). And, the last straw, today I got an email from Ben Swann which was completely an ad.

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The Granger is floating

I take no relish to report that The Granger has been banned.

This account and I have been at odds in the past months. Prior to that, I sent it a couple dozen FRNs to attend a Republican meeting. (It later said, after I expressed shame at supporting it, that it had sent those contributions to Michael. This matters to me little; I expressed that I was sad that I had supported this individual, and I still am, regardless of what other financial actions this individual takes.)

The person or people at the other end of that account have personally attacked me, and have violated the rules, repeatedly.

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(Bitcoin) US Congressman Launches Satirical Bid to Ban the US Dollar, 2014-03-06

Just over one week ago, US Senator Joe Manchin made headlines when he wrote an open letter to federal regulators calling for an outright ban of bitcoin, and now he has received a tongue-in-cheek response from a fellow politician, Congressman Jared Polis.

The Colorado representative issued a letter today to the same federal regulators that Manchin addressed, and in the letter Polis satirically calls for a ban on the physical US dollar.

Elaborating on his concerns about the dollar, Polis wrote that “the exchange of dollar bills, including high denomination bills, is currently unregulated and has allowed users to participate in illicit activity”, mirroring similar statements made by Manchin about bitcoin.

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All USA banks implementing capital controls!

I was at the ATM today. As I was getting the maximum amount of $500 per day out, I realized ...

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Bitcoin fluctuations due to Mt. Gox lags

This article points out that Mt. Gox was responsible for the April 2013 crash which took Bitcoin prices from 266 USD to 66. The same mechanism is responsible for the recent 900-to-500 fluctuations this past week.


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Gloucester, Ma GOP Using Soviet Tactics

Got an email from Luke Noble, Chairman of the Gloucester Republican City Committee, stating that there will be a debate for Gloucester's 2013 election candidates. This debate will be held Soviet-style: questions must be submitted to the Gloucester Daily Times, a day before the debate. No "un-vetted" questions will be allowed at either of the two debates.

I almost sent Luke a reply email asking whether he knew that this form of question vetting was Soviet-style. Then I realized that he doesn't care, he is part of the system, and my efforts would be better spent alerting the Daily Paul audience about this.

The full text of the email is below. Please, MA and especially Gloucester residents who read this, feel free to let the local GOP chapter know how much of a fan you are of Soviet-style tactics being used in our elections.


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"Police Details Save Lives"

I was behind a truck the other day with a bumper sticker, "Police details save lives." The reason for this sticker is to promote the idea that having police staffing the "flagging" operations will save more lives than staffing these positions with lower-paid employees who can still wave a flag and direct traffic.

However, when I read this I thought of another perspective: that, by gathering information on the public servants, we can help prevent them from taking inappropriate evil actions and thereby save lives.

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Just watched Why in the World are they Spraying - are they spraying Africa?

I just watched "Why in the World are they Spraying?": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEfJO0-cTis&feature=youtu.be

At 55:30, a lady is describing how there is a severe drought in Africa.

This made me think about the US's military build-up in and around Africa, and made me wonder whether we're spraying from the aircraft carriers.

Really loved the end, just before the credits: words appeared on the screen, "Why in the world are they spraying?" And a few seconds later, the answer: "Because we let them!"

Let's stop letting them. Find the identities of those who are participating.