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"There is no racism"

I said this in conversation, and it was analyzed. I then defended my statement by expanding on it.

When someone decides not to associate with someone else because of some aspect of the other person, that is the first person's right to associate with who they chose.

So if someone chooses not to associate with someone because of some aspect of that person, they are putting their business at risk because other businesses can serve those people with a different aspect, and they will prosper more than the first business since it has a limited clientele.

The trouble is when it's government-sponsored. Our system is racist, by examining the evidence, in the form of statistics: black-skinned humans are far more likely to be imprisoned for crimes that white-skinned humans are far more likely to go free for.

So when I said "there is no racism" I meant it. The People don't commit racism, they commit freedom of association.

The government commits racism.

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TSA agent making offensive jokes in Logan yesterday

As I returned from a wonderful vacation with TwelveOhTwo, we were being shuffled through the chokepoint lines towards "Customs". (I love that Richard Maybury pointed out that we get that word from the "customary percentage" that the bandits that set up castles in mountain passes charged merchants that were passing by. His stance is all government came from criminals, and I agree.)

There are these new machines (new for me; I avoid flying these days due to the TSA but you can't get to the islands quickly without it), that give you a printout of your picture which looks hideous, as a part of immigration. An elderly gentleman working for the TSA was going down the line saying things like "Have your picture out, move quickly or else we will post your pictures to www.uglypictures.gov."

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My double-secret-probation prescription does not have a childproof cap!

I just realized that the prescription, for which I was asked, "Do you have a LICENSE for that?", had a "flip-top" cap, rather than a "push-and-turn" childproof one.

So, the tyrants want to keep me from getting my hands on it -- but they want to see more children in trauma wards due to easy home access to these meds?

Those tyrants make me sick. They should be named, and shamed. Who made the decision to put flip-top caps on heroin-derived medications? (I got this from CVS.)

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Can we analyze traffic pattern changes around Ferguson?

Would it make sense, based on the accusations that there were people from outside the community who were acting in Ferguson, to investigate the air traffic patterns and how they might have differed before, during, and after the incident?

I would image there would be a large number of individuals coming in from the DC and Virgina area, in the days or weeks leading up to it.

And, leaving not long after it.

So I suppose this requires an appeal to the "authorities" to look into any potential connections there, because we don't have access to this data.

But that's just airline traffic. Perhaps we do have a way to see: there are traffic cams, and many of them are viewable by anyone, on-line. These traffic cams now line the streets, and can give us a similar view for vehicular traffic that we've seen in many movies (Enemy of the State, where his advice was "don't look up, the satellites will see your face").

E.g., http://weather.weatherbug.com/MO/St.%20Louis-weather/traffic...

Can we figure out who these people are that are invading and causing trouble?

Whether they came in by air (and were then driven from the airport), or by driving the whole way, we can plot the course of their vehicles, and their mercenaries.

This is really neat, it's like mining the Akashic records to find the truth of the matter. Except now the tyrants are creating the records for us! There are several "Homeland Security" cameras in my town.

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Do you have a LICENSE for that? I got a prescription today

Details aside, I got a prescription today for a "controlled substance".

Note, the substance isn't being controlled; TwelveOhOne is.

As I handed the paperwork over (this is something they can't do electronically as it's "too dangerous", but it's just heroin-derived), the lady asked, "Can I see your license?"

That specific wording stuck with me.

It wasn't, "Can I see your driver's license?"

It was, "Papers please."

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Tyrannist: a term for statists

I was just thinking about how the Feds have so much money (and can print whatever they want) that they can not only manipulate the gold and silver markets -- they could also manipulate the crypto-currency markets.

My brain put together "they are tyrants" and "they are terrorists" (because they are actively harming The People), and got "they are tyrannists".

I hadn't heard this before, so did a search for it, and only a couple real hits came up. So, I'm not saying I coined it, but did want to share it.

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Frank Zappa mentioned Laurel Canyon in his fourth album!

I was listening to Frank Zappa at work today; I have many of his albums, on rotation, and today I rotated into them.

Apparently I don't have the first three, "Freak Out!", "Absolutely Free", or "Lumpy Gravy"; the first I have is "We're Only in it for the Money", which parodied the Beatles' "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on the album cover.

Frank asks for number 678-9866; female operator's voice: "He's gonna bump you off, yeah; he's got a gun you know. If he didn't get you in Laurel Canyon, he won't get you here."

Here's a YouTube of the "song", 46 seconds long:


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I know a veteran who says "I was in places I shouldn't have been"

I know a veteran who says "I was in places I shouldn't have been".

He doesn't talk much about the stories, but one of them was Black Hawk Down or something similar; he said he was ordered to fire at the troops we were leaving behind so they wouldn't be captured.

Imagine, that some sort of secret is worth more than a human brain which powers the Protector???

It's disturbing.

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I am conflicted, please help: should I make nuremberg2.com, or spread only love?

I've started investigating web-site-for-hire folks in order to make nuremberg2.com a reality.

After reading http://www.dailypaul.com/328094/im-tired-of-war-propaganda and comments, I'm not so sure I want to "spread hate" even though the goal is to seek justice.

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Shackles killing patients in MA


The use of so-called "restraints", or what in prisons the same instruments would be called "shackles", is abhorrent. Especially when used 23 out of 24 hours on a person.

The blood clot that began in his leg and passed into his lung, killing him, would not have happened if he had not been shackled.

The bright side of this story is the comments. It seems people in the Boston area agree that this is not the right way to dispense health care:


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Denemo keeps crashing (music score software), anyone use this productively?

I'm trying to input a score using Denemo (http://denemo.org), running Windows 8.1 x64. It keeps crashing after I've input no more than two measures (of treble clef only!).

This is exceedingly frustrating, but rather than smashing my computer which my emotions are telling me to do right now, I'll share my pain in the hopes that it will be diminished.

Is the Linux version less crashy? I am doing this right now to learn the interface, and hope to help a couple friends write down the music that they've written and play together (right now, it's only in their heads).

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432 Hz musician needs help with eye surgery; might Rand Paul assist?

I met a musician recently who is working with 432 Hz music, Brian Collins. He helped me with my keyboard, and to thank him I wanted to share his site and his call for help: http://omega432.com/a-call-for-help -- he has an eye injury for which he needs funding to repair.

BTC donations: 131MUotcb924RZDg5JLvtvLZS2eCSdLgVM

His music is here: http://brian9.bandcamp.com/

I am currently listening to "The Journey" from his album "Awakenings", which you can listen to here: http://brian9.bandcamp.com/album/awakenings

Hmm. (I just updated the subject.) I wonder, would it be possible to put this man in touch with Dr. Rand Paul, who sometimes performs charity eye surgeries? If anyone is in a position to do so, please consider mentioning it to him?

With love.

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Why I just resubscribed to Ben Swann's newsletters

I made a post regarding cancelling my subscription to Ben Swann's newsletters a few months back which received rather negative attention, although there were some positive interactions in the comments.

Today I have resubscribed due to an interaction on this post, specifically, this comment in which Zac Carter states that the issue I had, is no longer happening (that issue was that there were headline bullets that were actually ads; I don't begrudge ads that are obvious, but hiding them disguised as articles is something I won't support).

One of my favorite quotes is by the science fiction author Spider Robinson: "Pain shared is diminished; joy shared, increased." I had posted the initial post above in order to share some pain I was experiencing, and I am happy to say that my pain has been diminished.

Now, I'm sharing some joy. I donated to Ben as well today.

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Some popular art is designed to deceive: "Civilization" propagandizes Democracy

In the game Civilization (and its successors, at least through III which was the last I bought, years ago), one progresses through several different governments on the way to the "present" and beyond.

It goes through Anarchy, Despotism, Monarchy, Communism, Republic, Democracy, according to memory and this page.

To have Democracy above Republic seems like propaganda.

It's really neat the little things you notice, once you've been here a while. Thanks Michael! :)

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Thoughts on what to do with murder advocates

These are my thoughts.

Those who advocate murder should be put in a cage, until either they stop advocating murder, or they expire.

The idea is to rehabilitate the offenders. Unfortunately, they are currently holding most offices in government.

How do we achieve this?

Those who advocate murder should be separated from influencing society until they have been reformed, and no longer advocate murder.

They should be treated humanely, of course; not "put in a cage to starve" and expire, but fed both body and mind, with good food and good books; educated, with liberty and justice.

I'm conflicted on how to achieve their education. I don't like cages, and I don't like advocating them. So, since I had this thought, I wanted to post it and see if there were other thoughts that could achieve the education and reform without cages.