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As part of my process in my church I have spent the last two years living on a mat in a homeless shelter in Seattle.

I have been using the free library computers daily for 90 minutes, with no other resources available. I have not been a part of normal society, even unable to become a delegate or even vote for Dr. Paul in the March caucus or see his rally here.

Thank you Tom Woods, Tom Dilorenzo, and Lew Rockwell, for helping me to begin to fully educate myself in history and Austrian economics. I am now emerging from some heavy Neocon programming as part of what I now call “The Evangelical Blob.” As part of that process, I very recently discovered the Daily Paul. Thank God!

Thank you Adam Kokesh, and others here for helping me to understand more fully what is going on.

Soon, as part of that process, I will re-emerge into Society.

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