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Graphene Stocks

What are your opinions on Graphene Stocks? Are there any quotes worth investing in?

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Does Rationality Exist?

How does the rational come from the irrational; does rationality exist? Is this a reasonable post or am I just over thinking it?

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Is Bitcoin Real?

Since Bitcoin is not a physical form of money does that mean it is not inherently real? Is Bitcoin real because of the structure, fundamentals, resources involved, and demand of it? If something is not physical that doesn't necessarily mean it is not real?

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A Christian and the States Authority

How does a Christian accept the states authority given the unjust laws, wars, abuses in power, and imperfections?

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Cashless Society

How would Gold & Silver perform in a cashless society?

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Patrick's testimony - Illuminati brought me to JESUS!

Patrick is far from unique on this, but I wonder if folks really know how many people are coming to Christ BECAUSE of the "new world order" and really seeing how ugly and dark the world is - that evil is real - and that Jesus is the only Way. Patrick is a dear sweet brother that we love to have around. If you're in Anchorage, Alaska, contact us and we'll connect you to him.


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