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What is Messianic Judaism?

(DISCLAIMER: This OP was not posted to push any religious beliefs on anyone. The DP ownership has said we should bring our interests here, and I share this post as an educational piece for anyone interested in the subject. Information helps to clear up confusion, which as we've seen posted in another OP recently, can be according to some, "of the devil". I hope this OP will educate people who are truly interested to understand the concepts behind this growing movement called Messianic Judaism.)

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Karen Hudes & Judge Anne Von Reitz Debate: FED, IMF, Gold Standard, USA Inc., Jubilee

This is a very interesting conversation between former IMF attorney Karen Hudes and Judge Anna Von Reitz that apparently took place on Facebook, July 17, 2014.



Anna von Reitz:

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On the 'New World Order' Agenda: the End of America

video by 'Jason A'


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Attorney General Eric Holder QUITS!


" Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning from the Obama administration, capping a tumultuous six-year term marked by several high-profile clashes with Congress.

President Obama formally announced the decision, made public earlier in the day, at the White House late Thursday afternoon. Calling Holder's resignation "bittersweet," Obama touted Holder's record on civil rights, as well as terror and corruption prosecutions.

"Eric has done a superb job," Obama said. "

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Project PaperClip, The Nazi 4th Reich, and the New World Order

Hitler survived and aided by US Project Paperclip

'The Rise of the 4th Reich'


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Barack Hussein 'Soebarkah'? Barry Soetoro, Mohammed Subud and the 'Cult of the Rising Sun'

Remember Loretta Fuddy, The Hawaii Department of Health official who confirmed Obama's birth certificate as authentic? Remember how she mysteriously died in that plane crash, where everyone else survived but her? Turns out she was a member of the Indonesian based, 'Cult of Subud', or the 'Cult of the Rising Sun'. Apparently, Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, may also have been a member, while living in Indonesia. The coincidences don't end there, they get much weirder. Watch both vids. Enjoy...

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"If you don't study History"

If you don't study History
You'll be bound to repeat it

Like if you never hear a warning
You cannot ever heed it

There are those who fear History
And try to delete it

By burning books and telling lies
that, "evil was defeated"

But those who would burn History
Would be bound to re-heat it

Like dough burned in the oven
They would be bound to re-kneed it

So I leave one final warning
If you're still here to read it

'If you don't EAT History
You'll be bound to FEED it'

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Ferguson, MO is a Psy-Op?

I posted this comment few nights ago, here:


The 'clash' has been coming for a long time now.

Most of us here at DP know it as well as anyone. We see the videos and read the stories everyday. We constantly see & hear about police brutalizing, traumatizing, and killing Americans, whether they be black, white, brown, young, old, fat, skinny, man or woman, senior citizen, or little baby in a crib. Not to mention dogs and pets of all kinds.

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United Nations: 'Deaths in Gaza 80% civilians'


"The UN Security Council met in an emergency meeting today to discuss the situation in Gaza. The UN called on both sides to stop the violence and avoid killing civilians. “80% of those killed in Gaza were civilians. Many of them are children,” UN Under-Secretary General Valerie Amos stated."

"Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor was outraged. “Hamas kidnaps, fires, and then blames Israel. Do not forget to mention that they use their own people as human shields.”"

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Hamas firing rockets from civilian populated areas (Video)


"Hamas has stored and fired rockets from within densely-populated civilian areas, making Israeli attempts to stop them without causing collateral damage virtually impossible.

To compound the problem, Hamas has openly encouraged civilians to act as human shields, glorifying their actions as heroism. Misfired rockets by Islamists falling on Gaza's citizens are common, as the IDF's rocket coverage has consistently shown, but are skewed to blame Israel for alleged attacks on civilian centers.

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Syrian Civil-War; Jihadist Rebels Publicly Display Severed Heads on Fence Poles (WARNING!: very graphic)

With all the attention spent on the recent conflict escalations in Israel and Gaza, as well as Ukraine, it is becoming easy to forget about the absolutely medieval civil-war going just next door to Israel, in Syria. Clearly, the level of savagery there has reached new lows. Let's not forget either, that the forces responsible for this atrocity are at least associates of those forces which John McCain personally met with, took a photo-op with, and has been advocating for the USA to back financially, and militarily.

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13 Israeli soldiers & nearly 100 Palestinian civilians killed, in battle over suburb of Gaza City


"The Israeli military suffered one of its worst combat days on Sunday, with the death of at least 13 troops in battle and an unconfirmed claim from Hamas that it had kidnapped a soldier inside Gaza."

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Israel approves Egyptian backed Cease Fire, Hamas rejects Peace-Plan


"Israel announced it will agree to an Egyptian-backed ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the security cabinet has stated. However, the peace plan looks in ruins, with Hamas rejecting the initiative..."



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Primary Vote Today! June 10th! South Carolina Debate, 6/7/2014: Lee Bright Vs. Lindsey Graham

Took place 7p.m. Sat. June 7, 2014 -

South Carolina Senatorial Debate - on SCETV




Candidates include:
Lee Bright, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Mace, Richard Cash, Det Bowers, Benjamin Dunn, Bill Connor...


-Highlights from last week's debate at the Palmetto Family Council Candidate Forum; June 3, 2014:


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Hidden messages in Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" when played backwards?

Isaiah 29:16
"They turn everything upside down! Shall the potter be esteemed as clay; that the thing made should say of him who made it, He didn't make me; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, He has no understanding?"

This verse is of course interpreted by many Christians as referring to Satan, and those who follow him. After all, Satan was but also a creation of G-d. It was Satan, the serpent in the garden who first told Man they could be equals to G-d. And the classic Satanism/luciferianism is all about exactly that.