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Another Sign that we are Winning! #2

The Friday Mountain Democrat Newspaper El Dorado Co. CA
strikes another blow for the Republic! Printed on the front page, left column the "Bill of Rights" for Dec. 15 bill of rights day. We have a constitutional Sheriff that's fighting Fed and state tyranny on many fronts.
Don't give up on the California Republic my friends, come help us fight.

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Another sign that we are winning!

The Mountain Democrat is the oldest newspaper in California est. 1851. Two book reviews have appeared on the front page this week, have people talking throughout El Dorado County.

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I had a dream

A teacher asked the class.
What are the three most important periods in US history?
A little girl raises her hand quickly, Jeffersonian democracy, Jacksonian democracy, and Paulian Restoration of the Republic.
Correct he replied......

Then my donkey woke me up...

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RP Revolution arm gesture reply

In the Sierra Foothills CA, When the "Remnant" see bumper stickers they acknowledge each other by a honk, then use the little girls somewhat similar arm gesture. Saying "Keep the Revolution going!".
Arm raised to the side, fist closed, facing forward then tilt to the head. Works great on bikes, in cars and walking.

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Ron Paul 2012 Liberty Ships flotilla

A flotilla of yachts and sailboats with flags and RP signs like the evac of Dunkirk. Sailboats can sail downwind with a large American flag alone we have done it in cities that have car traffic near the water.
sail on

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Help I need End the FED bullet points

10 hard hitting one liners for tues. El Dorado, CA Tea Party meeting. The topic of the night is THE FEDERAL RESERVE,

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I gave a speech at the Tea Party meeting last night..

dateline: El Dorado Co. California Republic:
This was well received, much clapping and attaboys.
459 people attended with no air conditioning ugh.
I can get the neocon tea partiers to listen, if I tie RP with the Constitution and the Founders.
Feel free to use this.

Good evening:

My name is Kevin McAllister:

The question tonight is:

What would the Founders do: about Terrorism.

Article 1 sec. 8 of the US Constitution says the Congress shall have the power to:
Define and punish Piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and
offenses against the Law of Nations.

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I gave a Ron Paul speech at the Tea Party meeting...

Huge turnout tonight at the El Dorado CA Tea Party Patriots monthly meeting. I gave a 3 min. speech about Ron and the "Remnant" got many Amens, hoots and applause from a largely neocon crowd. I was asked back to talk again about the good Dr.
Here it is, your comments are encouraged.