• i'm really sorry but

    i can't stand the talk about "legitimacy" at all anymore. there IS NO absolute legitimacy in government, not in Ukraine, not anywhere else, and never has been for quite some time; especially in the Ukraine. Btw, we're talking about a downright kind of "revolution", events are taking place every hour- the situation is very volatile and unclear.

    I'm sorry i don't mean to kind of "school" you on this, but as i understand it it's quasi in the nature of a revoultion to not be perfectly lawfully legitimate because parts of the legal system are being repealed (nullified in some way) and therefore can't even be ratified in time so-to-speak because of the tempo of events unfolding. I have not heard or read of a perfectly legal overturn of government in my life (i thik i don't need to remind you of the american revolution for that instance i think british governors, politicials, lawyers etc. were not all happy reading the newly published declaration of independence as events unfolded, probably).

    Apropos ukrainian law - even before the (informal) withdrawal of Yanukovych took place, ALL sides breached the law, now everybody on all sides again seems to be talking about law and legitimacy again, but they broke it altogether before, nobody gave a damn about lawful conduct of political process to a great extent, and i'm not quite surprised by that fact due to riots in the streets and quickly initiated measures as events in kiev unfolded - just to try to sum it up here as best as i can:

    - On Feb. 21st, the ukrainian parliament basically reinstated a law which would change the constitution back from a presidential republic more towards a parliamentary republic (semi-presidential).

    - On Feb. 22nd, the ukrainian parliament (in which Yanukovych's party had a solid majority) voted to IMPEACH him.

    - He then via TV adress stated that he did not "agree" to resign because the consitutional restauration of Feb. 21st wasn't signed by him as the 2010 constitution, which he had previously imposed, required, and therefore all the representative's votes including the the impeachment would be invalid (now imagine for a moment that Obama would in case argue in some way similar like that- yes i consider this a realistic scenario). So basically as it happened, the situation required the acting president to sign his own impeachment, which he unsurprisingly did not do.

    - Instead he left the capital the day an agreement for his resignment should have been reached, making a remark he was needed at a party rally in Kharkiv in the eastern part of the country.

    - At this rally he never appeared, members of his own political party said and dismissed him as a traitor.

    - Two days after the impeachment an arrest warrant for Yanukovych was issued, the same already said to be in the Russian city of Rostov-na-Donu, from where he supposedly was planning to adress the ukrainian people the next day.

    Read it for yourselves everyone, the internet is (still) free and full of all kinds of information about Ukraine.
    However, if anyone can tell me, after getting a clue, who breached the law in the first place and who therefore shall be considered "legitimate" or "illegitimate", i personally congratulate you for being a genius not only in journalism, history and political science, but also in philosophy and in understanding the world in general if you so want to call it. Congrats, you may now be able to keep up with John Kerry and John McCain.

    Sorry for my cynicism at the end, it wasn't meant to be personal so don't take it that way. everyone may feel concerned about this ;)

    i just hope we're not at the brink of desaster due to incompetence of politicians and "world leaders" one of these next few days/weeks.

    p.s. by the way, i not only consider the EU as corrupt, but also the U.S. (as i expect parts of the DP to concur on), and even more so the Russian Federation (as almostly all the worlds governmental entities), just in case for some need of clarification on this one.

  • honestly, i find this rather

    honestly, i find this rather sad.
    what an undeserving and derogatory silly theater on all hands.

    corrupt elite politicians playing chess over people's natural rights to self-determination, sanctity of persons and income, while people of whatever ethnicity in ukraine are living in anxiety over the threat of a looming war-like escalation in the whole region - i don't find anything good about this ...

    Irresponsible and corrupt politicians like BOTH the U.S. and the Russian governments are, should be ashamed of themselves, leading people into oblivion and worries for decades and centuries now, all over the world. All of them have blood on their hands they're all corrupt, nobody is exempt from it;

    People should wake up worldwide EMANCIPATE themselves from whatever corrupt government there be and DISMISS the disastrous underachievers being abusive of peoples civil, and natural rights all over the planet.

    People shouldn't be taking this anymore, nobody should rule over us and make "their" armies set foot on another man's door. It happened endless times in the past, it needs not to, and shall not happen anymore in our time, we deserve to live free of foreign rule.

    didn't mean to be dramatic btw, but u know when the truth hits you, you don't want to hold it back..

    i just hope there will be no more blood in this standoff ...

  • U can do it TMOT,

    Wake them up gently but firmly, they deserve to know the truth!
    Bring it to them & get them involved. You're getting the knack of it, Mr.Grayson, good to watch this. Everyone needs to do their part in this, each one reach one.

    Great job TMOT u the man. We support this effort. Thank you.
    Get involved, everyone- let freedom ring !!!

  • Hey Smudge guess what!

    Thank you! For sharing your wisdom. It helps me in my life. And i hope it helps others too. Much Love from Europe, Mitakuye Oyasin we are one =)

  • Each one, reach one, let's go!!!

    Their currency is dependence, through which they THINK they can "buy" allegiance.

    Our currency is compassion, through which we KNOW we can create team spirit.

    Each one reach one. Let's do it, people.

  • Dear Mr.Grayson aka TMOT

    As a friend to Americans and the US Constitution i would simply LOVE to see you win this 'thing' much as anything else in this world.

    TMOT you've sacrificed an awful lot for the cause of liberty this far, stood in the trenches and fought the good fight at least ever as much as everybody in this movement who truly cares about universal and indivisible freedom.

    As a Liberty supporter myself, i am not an economically rich man, so to say, but since 2012, i am watching most of your drive, ride and night times, debates, and anything else, trying to spread the word about your effort and getting stuff viral, so to speak. Unfortunately i do not personally know a soul from Georgia, but for whatever it's worth, i am also praying for the succeeding and well-being of yourself and those close to you.

    ~~~ Please, America, please lovers of liberty, please just do me a small favor, will ya: SHOW THE MAN SOME LOVE for what he's doing and support him in one way or another. The man is fired up, ready to go and give it all, please, send him for the love of god, you will need some committed, spirited people like him to help sort out the mess again.

    Thank y'all for reading this- sending a little love from Austria, Europe. Take Care! ~~~

    (hope i got my enlish right, please forgive me if not so =)

  • Glad to hear that,

    you're very welcome.
    ask me anytime =)

  • Once heard

    a french proverb saying that germans live to work while french work to live ;)

    Don't know if it's actually true... but it seemed funny to me..since i once heard germans think we austrians feast more than we work. Don't know if it's true either...but i guess we should all do what makes us happy and try to live off of it - meaning to shrink the size of government and abolish all the senseless taxes ;)

    Regards from AUT

  • I love Ron's confidence,

    frankness, humbleness and good sense of humor.
    (Besides other things.)
    I just love the man! He's always so positive about everything though he never gets it twisted or loses touch with reality.

    He seems even more relaxed each time i hear him speak. Like it a lot =)

  • You got that wrong

    You surely have the right to die as a result of all these laws.
    /bitter sarcasm off

  • TRUTH !


  • Good job

    by the people documenting this event and holding the police accountable. It's very important to record everything, ask tough questions and put it on the internet.

  • who the hell downvotes this??

    who the hell downvotes this??

  • it's ok i

    talk all the time in a language which isn't my native language.
    but it's always good to learn something new, i think!

    your correct translation would be:
    "Rand ist gar nicht so schlecht, sondern eigentlich ziemlich gut!"

    hope i could learn you something =)

  • I second this opinion of yours entirely.

    we are all citizens of the world.
    we all have the potential to free each others minds.
    the US has the potential to be a perfect example due to their traditions and basic laws. I believe it really is critical to an understanding that freedom can actually work and sustain.

    Let's make it happen. Restore America Now =)

  • couldn't quite catch what you meant yet..

    You mean "Rand's not bad, but not quite good either"
    or more like "He's not that bad, in fact he's quite ok"?

    it's the "aber", that determines the whole meaning ;)

  • Stand your Ground.

    Attack not but defend firmly.
    Exercise your rights.
    Let all know you have them.
    Let them know about them.

    Way to go.

  • All right

    seems like we're on the exact same page about this one

    Servus, auf Wiederschaun ;)

  • Excellent one by Ben again

    make this viral if you can

  • The video's a little scary

    even if you are 'awake' already, because it puts together very clearly a lot of different aspects of the current worldwide power system.

    But to me at least, it's also incredibly motivating!
    I'm really eager for a free future in this world, and i hope we will all have it some day.

    I know we will get through all of this together WTSHTF. I'm so very happy i found one of the most awesome communities on the web so far.
    And i love to share part of the journey with you all! I'd love to see more people from all over the world posting here too.

    Thank you, Daily Paul community =)