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Universal Background Check Debate

Last week, the universal background check was shot down in the Senate. Basically, the bill was about closing loopholes for people who didn't have to get background checks. Currently, if you buy a gun from a federally licensed dealer, that dealer is mandated to run a background check on you. However, if you buy guns privately like from a family member/friend, on the internet, or at gun shows, you currently don't have to pass a background check. Those are considered private transactions.

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If you could control law enforcement during the Boston Manhunt

What would you have done differently? There's always a ton of criticizing against the government, but I don't think there are enough solutions. Like, nobody says we should have done X, Y, and Z, instead of locking down Boston. Manhunts are particularly hard to execute.

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Can Pornographic Books be Banned?

I totally support the 1st Amendment in regards to free speech. But when I was arguing with my friend over book-banning, he asked me one of those ridiculous questions. "What if a book has 200 pages, 100 of which are pornographic pictures of men and women, and there were pictures of sexual activity in there?"

I hate when my friends pull out these ridiculous arguments, but however ridiculous and extreme they are, it is still a question that must be answered, I suppose. Should a school board be allowed to say that a pornographic book cannot be in an elementary or junior high school?

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Does Libertarianism Sometimes Contradict the Constitution?

So I was self-evaluating my Libertarian political beliefs today, you know, just one of those days... And I was just wondering. Libertarians support Frederic Bastiat's idea that every individual has a right to defend their life, liberty, and property with force because having these taken away would amount to murder, slavery, and theft, respectively.

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Why are gas prices falling?

With all of the QE3's ($40 billion to buy MBS) and QE4's ($45 billion to buy U.S. Treasuries) coming out these last 6 months, I would think that gas prices would rise. My friend keeps using falling gas prices to say that the CPI is not as bad as I keep saying it is, and that the creation of money from the Fed is not really affecting our everyday lives. I see prices rising everywhere, but gas prices are decreasing dramatically. Can you educate me on this?

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Do Libertarians want to eliminate the FDA?

A friend asked me how I felt about the government's role in controlling trans fats, arsenic, and other types of addictive drugs in foods. I try my best to represent the liberty movement well, so when he was asking me about who would then regulate poisons in our food, I told him that we should all have the liberty to ingest and do whatever we want with our bodies, such as smoking marijuana. And that companies would go bankrupt and lose millions of customers if they intentionally put poison in their drinks, just as people would start drifting away from Toyota if they kept intentionally cutting the brakes off of their fresh cars.

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How do you lower the cost of health care?

Hello Daily Paulers,

I have a medical school interview in a few days! It's common knowledge that one fun question that they like to throw out is about what you would do creatively to lower the cost of health care in this day and age. I have to say that ironically, even though I am a pre-medical student, health care is the subject that I least understand about when it comes to Libertarianism.

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Can gold and other metals ever be in a bubble?

With the Federal Reserve announcing QE-3, I believe many people with a lot of money would invest in gold to bet against the U.S. dollar. This seems like a brilliant move, especially when there are estimates that gold could be worth up to $2300 by around 2014. Do you think there will ever be a point in which the price of gold becomes so high, that nobody wants to buy that gold at that price any more and those who are left with that gold have a metal with plummeting value?

What makes these metals so resistant to being in a bubble, if you think that it isn't?

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Fact Check: Bill Clinton's 'jobs score' of parties claim rings true

Hey Everybody,

I'm kind of a forum lurker here on DailyPaul and don't post much, but was wondering if any of you could really provide an adequate explanation for Bill Clinton's accurate claim at the DNC 2012. He said that in the last 52 years, Republican presidents presided over 28 years and Democratic presidents presided over 24 years. However, Republicans produced only 24 million jobs during that period, while Democrats produced 42 million jobs.