• Impressed

    Senator Cruz delivered one of the best political speeches I have heard in my 60 years. Reading the tweets was one thing, but the junior Senator from Kentucky recognized the junior Senator from Texas again. That was the stemwinder. Senators like these two give me hope.

  • Paulites and Palinites UNITE

    Sarah Palin recently spoke to Newsweek's Peter Boyer, who writes:

    "Queries to the Romney camp about any possible Palin role at the convention meet with a stony silence. Palin does not seem surprised. 'What can I say?;' she responded in an email from Alaska, when asked by Newsweek about the convention, just before heading to Michigan to deliver an Obama-thumping speech. 'I’m sure I’m not the only one accepting consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism.'"

    The greatest failing of both the Paulites and Palinites is not to unite to stop Romney. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! The Paul forces have the delegates to place a name in nomination in the first round. However, it seems Ron Paul has lost the gumption to fight (Why didn't he go go Nebraska?). He seems content to settle for a few planks in a worthless platform rather than to stop a liberal statist progressive like Romney from usurping the nomination. Let's face it, Dr Paul is 76 yrs old. Sure he is a marvel for his age, but America is so utterly shallow, he will never be elected president, if only for his appearance. It's his ideas that are important, not the person.

    Now hear me out. I believe the delegates should instead of placing Ron Paul's name in nomination should nominate Sarah Palin. She will bring conservative constitutional delegates along with the Paul delegates to hopefully keep Romney from winning in the first round which opens the convention. Romney is Sarah Palin's mortal enemy. Given the opportunity, she will rip him a new rectum. The objective is to keep Romney under 1144. The second round is up for grabs. May the best person win.

    Thinking out of the box here. This may be the only way to open the convention.

  • 300 delegates

    To the point about 300 delegates. Just because there are 300 that support Ron Paul does not mean, should delegates be unbound, that there won't be other delegates supporting other candidates besides Romney. The goal is to keep Romney from winning in the first round, let alone by acclimation, which he will if no one else is nominated in the first round.

    Ron Paul delegates are the only ones that can muster five states to enter another name in nomination. If Dr Paul is unwilling to take the fight to Romney or will settle for a few planks in a useless platform, then work the floor, form a broader coalition, and enter someone else's name who is acceptable to the broader, anti-establishment coalition.

  • You mean regressive?

    The only progress I want to see is a regression toward that dead document known as the Constitution.

  • Not sure, but ...

    He's a former Marine.

  • 2008

    Would had this damned thing been let go in 2008. We would have been out of it by now or at least could see our way clear. Yet here we are, some four years later, stuck in limbo, or more likely, with our britches snagged on a cracking branch growing out a cliff wall.

  • Orange County

    Orange County, CA, is a libertarian/conservative bastion.

  • Stay a couple extra days

    Hopefully folks can stay a couple extra days and provide a strong presence to pressure the delegates to open the convention. No coronation. No trade off for meaningless planks in the platform.

    Location of fairgrounds to the convention center:


  • A cigar

    Not to comment on what could be considered an act of war, but as a matter of record, Stuxnet targets IP numbers and domain name suffix specific to Iran. Iran passes all internet traffic through state-controlled routers allowing for a containable, quarantined attack. Up to 30,000 IP numbers were impacted.

    Regarding the Japanese reactors, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The earthquakes and tsunami caused the trouble with the Japanese plants.

  • Democracy?

    I could care less about making you or anyone else safe for democracy. The United States is a republic. Bourgeois? Nice word, spoken like a teenage pedant. Pay attention to the enemy within. The founders warned against them or did they not? Who do you suppose they are? You think Sharia law comports with the Constitution? My wife was born and raised Muslim, you think I want to kill her? Your generalizations, paranoic assumptions, and over-the-top self-importance exposes a mind dulled with hatred beyond what you express for your boogie-man neocons, of which, I am, of course, in your tortured perception, along with most everyone else, a card carrying member. You ooze self-hatred which renders you a supercilious fool. See a shrink.

  • Double lol

    Do that all the time, too.

  • Knife

    If Palin was going to go along to get along she would have already gone along like everyone else with the exception of RP.

    Bachmann knifed Palin in the back the minute she announced her candidacy for the presidency, probably as a Romney mole to undercut Palin, who Romney perceived as enemy number 1 and worked to undercut even before the votes were cast in 2008. Palin has not endorsed RP but has been the only Republican to endorse his economic policies. Was quick to support Rand Paul's call for massive cuts. All the others were hiding behind her skirt, including Romney, like he did in 2010.

    Palin is a risen from the bootstraps street fighter who took down a cabal of cronies in AK and warned the effete establishment types not to defame or ignore Ron Paul supporters. She is a player on the field, as she is a politican, and an opportunist in that regard like all of them. I wouldn't expect her to endorse RP, apart from being much more aligned with his policies than Romney. She will not endorse Romney to the bitter end, and still may not. She has not conceded he has won the nomination. She is a natural ally at the convention.

  • The screen capture

    Guys, that pic of RP is something you'd see on the Drudge Report. Can't get one with the good doctor's eyes open? Wolfie and the other media dogs are the one with eyes closed.

  • Me, too

    I remember that convention, and as a kid the 1968 Democrat(ic) convention in Chicago. In 1992 there were rumblings of Jack Kemp challenging the "read my lips" liar Bush, which, sadly did not happen. Can you imagine how different history would have been? Then Ross Perot got in basically on a kind of patriotic meme but deep down it turned out he just loathed Bush and was nuts on top of it. Ergo, Slick Willy, the nepotist GW Bush, and now the Marxist. A mediocre lineage of presidents brought to you by two corrupt political party machines. But this is the worst I have ever seen from the Republicans, especially after following the abysmal RINO McCain with another of the same ilk and expecting a different result. Yes, insane. If there was ever a year the delegates should nullify the results it is this one.

  • You need to get out more

    Seems you've picked up the media spin on Palin, which is just as bad if not worse than the spin against RP. In fact, the two of them need to combine forces in Tampa. She loathes Romney and the plutocrats that control the Republican party. Remember Barbara Bush stating to Larry King that Palin should go back to AK? Palin's retort, "ah, those blue bloods." She has a huge contingent and was clearly the leader of the 2010 battle which helped overtake the House. Anyone see Romney? She has leased a large space in a mall next door to the convention center, which accomodates thousands. Combined with the folks from the fairgrounds, that is a powerful force to pressure the delegates. To turn her and a contingent of constutitional conservatives away is not wise.

  • Lol

    I was just being an arse. Your retort was fun. As long as were at it, an ellipsis is set apart by spaces before and after, according to the Chicago Manual of Style. I see a lot more bloggers doing that lately. I've always used them like you do, without spacing.

  • I feel your pain

    Ron Paul and Sarah Palin on a third-party ticket could do some damage, might even prevent both major parties from achieving enough electoral college votes, in which case the election is settled in the House of Representatives, where each state has one vote (not each representative). Problem is, both have a loyalty to the Republican Party. Beats me why.

  • Thanks

    I always make that mistake. Thankfully there are those at the ready to show up us lesser lights. Ditto on the eyeroll. By the way, two periods do not an ellipsis make; and commas are tucked inside quotation marks if you write with the American convention, outside as your usage is the British school.

  • I was right,

    Your guess indeed is better than mine, lol. Sounds good.

  • Still kit gloves

    I still think he has the kit gloves on against Romney. Why on earth doesn't he land a haymaker on the phony's glass jaw? Is he holding back for planks in the platform? I cannot and will not believe that. Something is wrong. Maybe at 76 yrs of age, this is his last fight and is taking what he thinks he can get. Your guess is probably better than mine.

    The personification of everything RP loathes is Mitt Romney. God bless each and every one of you that will see this thing through to the end. I'm not talking about some ephemeral future, but Tampa. I have a gut feeling it will be no snoozefest coronation.