• Careful, Ben Swann!

    Excellent interview but I would caution Ben Swann to be very careful about giving his opinion in a public forum too often. If he exposes too much of his own personal views, he'll open himself up for attack. Make no mistake, those that are threatened by the truths he seeks will take any and every opportunity to categorize and dismiss him. Once they "figure him out", they can manipulate the public to feel a certain way about him.


    All of you that think 300 delegates isn't enough to win the nomination, you're correct. But what you're not considering is that if Ron Paul gets on the ballot, he will get a 15 minute speech that I'm sure will be nothing short of amazing at the National Convention. With his name on the ballot and a spotlight on him for a big speech, many of those folks who never liked Romney to begin with might be inspired to check the box next to Ron Paul instead. People could change their mind and vote their conscience! Especially in light of the fact that Romney is considered picking Condi Rice for his VP. Unbelievable. ANYTHING can happen at the National Convention. Don't forget Warren Harding, folks. Look him up if you don't know the story. He walked into the convention with less than 10 percent of the delegates but walked away with the nomination. DON'T GIVE UP