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I think Rand is a slave to the GOP warmongers. Rand will simply survive and change NOTHING.

WE know this to be true. WE watched Ron Paul get laughed at by GOP leaders. WE witnessed Ron get ignored at the most recent convention. The system is corrupt and broken. WE are at war around the world. Keeping that game going is the top priority for the self appointed ruling class. Rand will do nothing. He will support what he is told to support. Period. It's time to grow up and stop putting your faith in individuals that get swallowed up by a nasty, violent, selfish, political system. Rand has been assimilated. MOVE ON.

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When did the Daily Paul become a Christian extremist website?

What is going on? This is pathetic. Christian extremists don't give a damn about liberty for those that disagree with them. They routinely fight to strip individuals of their rights. They prance around declaring that non-believers are going to "hell" and warning the heathens are under the influence of "Satan". Why are they involved in the Liberty movement? Because they need to weaken the local and federal governments so they can push their creation myth on EVERYONE. Look out Liberty Movement. They are using you/us......

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Huge story! Italian court rules there is a link between autism and vaccine.

Looks like Big Pharma can't shut down everyone. The dam is breaking. This should get interesting. Here is the story.

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Shifting to "ban semi-autos" from "ban assault weapons". Looks like they are going for huge firearms ban.

Watching some of the new videos today, including the video of Piers and his guest talk about Alex Jones. The talking head bots have shifted away from "assault" weapons and are starting to prep the public for a ban on all "semi-autos". This was always the plan. It is now obvious. This is insane.