• It would be a trully, trully

    It would be a trully, trully sad day, to hear Grayson NOT get elected

    A TRUE representation of the peoples frustration, instead of the same old play along to get along on subjects YOU SHOULD BE STANDING UP AGAINST

    Amen brother tmot, in that video you WE'RE, MY representation, goodluck and god speed TMOT, a happy day it would be to hear you get the position, just to open minds.


  • The Snowden files. The list

    The Snowden files. The list that turned the tide

    One can daydream cant he

  • I wouldnt be too fussed if

    I wouldnt be too fussed if this turened out to be a dud, i WOULD be fussed, if someone somewhere who may get in a position like this, DOES'NT know, that, YES, there are people of the public that would CELEBRATE such a bold move for the sake of the peoples rights

    Bold, in the face of what it is today, standard in the face of what it is tommorow......i hope

  • :)

    "And could only work because the government is terrified
    of people knowing exactly who and where they are and what
    they are doing under color of authority."


    "if you've got nothing to hide"

    Throwing it right back

  • "So, if it has nothing to do

    "So, if it has nothing to do with the NSA, what was the NSA doing with the information?"

    Eee-xactly, they make these statements like that presuming themselves excempt from investigation, that dverybody should and will look away, from the thing they've become so accustomed too, that they dont even know how they have violated a right......rights dont even come in to the damn equation......its all about force x Illusion = Winning (sic)

  • thats,

    thats, thats.........BRILLIANT.

    I didn't dare believe that snowden thought in such a way, i mean, i imagined his "line on the Sand" but this happily shows me he is further along then i thought, makes me feel happy, and then not only to think this way, but to have the courage to actually finally give the people their own threat back, right back towards the folks who thought they were untouchable, in a very realistic way.....wow, just wow

    I wonder if he's far enough along to actually release it though, that would be another happy day

  • that larkin video was

    that larkin video was BRILLIANT!+1

  • nazi style interogation, pure

    nazi style interogation, pure and fucking simple, this person thinking this position allowing them to do this.......you dont KNOW how much i wished the "interogator" was known to the public, and those who may have ordered him, this is beyond a slippery slope, this is half way down the damn slide........ohhhhhhhhhhh, this pisses me off, pisses me off that they might not even get a reprimand, like a damn firing and BARRING from ANY public service, MINIMUM

    What is the british public gonna do about it......fuck all, is what they'll do.......majority of them wont even freaking know about it.........and thats exactly what these cunts are relying upon

  • stupid fcking copyright

    stupid fcking copyright BULLSHIT

  • Steadfast My Wayward Sons

  • next thing, she'll be

    next thing, she'll be bringing in a helicopter, while paying unsuspecting folls whose english is not their main language, telling them to wear white dusty robes, while pretending to be escorting two journalistic employees, one of them holding a camera size bazooka, and you dont want to knlw what happens when virus pushes the red button on her wired up, pprtable button thingy mi jingy, "twerking" all the while, with the "big show" as her backdrop....

    Collateral damage, its so trivial, as is a president with no restraint, apparently

  • the sad thing is, most

    the sad thing is, most people wont see the courage on display, or the rare initiative in putting this video together, then, on top of that, in a clear and smart way

    We might not all be lucky to have this courage for now, but when one pushes through the barriere we've been conditioned not to push through, i WILL stand up, and take notice.......it is the minum amount of appreciation i can do, to see this person do something we all should be doing, and not be seen as a bad thing.

    I love the fact the officer was telling the un-arrested not to tell him what to do or what to say......very fucking ironic that he thinks its then ok for HIM to do it, just because he falsely believes his costume gives him that right to do so, at all times

    its starting to narrow down i think, the more we see, the more we learn the nature, the more we understand, the more we are prepared, the less the nervousness affects us, that barrier they so much rely upon diminishes, INSPITE of their continous efforts to reinforce that barrier divide

    You are just people like us, you have no special privilages, if you think thats bull, then it also means you think your better then people........there is nothing better or worse then people, it is the natural state of free men and women, you deny this, then it may be likely you want more, which means not surpringly, at the expense of others, you want to boss people about, that means an individual, gets bossed about, you kill somebody, it means an individual has lost his right to live........you are not getting resistance just because, you are getting ressistance for doing things you shouldnt be doing......and if you guys were'nt lieing through your teeths about "listening" to the people then something like this may not happen

  • one of the biggest diffrences

    one of the biggest diffrences between ron and MANY officials, is, that ron has been saying what he's been saying for YEARS, and i just so happen to agree with alot of what he's been saying, if you want someone to have the level of trust and support that i show ron paul, simple, say/do something i like for many many years without compromising your ideals.

    Thats not to say i wont trust others, its just that,.....THAT level of trust Ron Paul EARNED, i wont just give that same level of trust, to just anybody, .....it diminishes what ron did, stuck to hes convictions for YEARS......like i said, that doesnt mean ill withhold my support for others, in diffrent ways, maybe a couple of years from now rand will earn that level of trust/support, but please dont say it as if what ron did was easy or simple, so many fail to do what ron did, at lest in our lifetime, it feels

  • goodluck to everyone tomorrow

    goodluck to everyone tomorrow for all our sakes

    thankyou micheal for spreading the word

  • yeah, i always like to keep

    yeah, i always like to keep my reading glasses fresh

  • bring a damn camera with you,

    bring a damn camera with you, ready, hell put a hidden one, with streaming and online storage, and do not fucking inform them of it, its not like they've been showing US that curtesy, everyone else, you see greenwald, get your finger on the trigger, to YOUR camera

    I said it once and ill say it again, big cahones on this one......right on brother

  • dont worry, were thinking

    dont worry, were thinking about it.......

    like me, no social accounts, but that dont mean i think im "unreachable", their whole point is to get their hooks in everything, otherwise they cant justify the "program" to the ones who blindly give their support, when "terrorists" slip through anything they dont have monitored, which im sure their all heart broken about, having the ability to monitor and the potential to manipulate, anything THEY deem unliked, oh yeah, cry me a crocodile tear river, here, have some tissue, ....... thems scum

  • You cared enough to care, and

    You cared enough to care, and i care about those sorts of things, thankyou for releasing information people SHOULD, know is being done unto them, and, in their own damn names.........i dont scorn you brother, i embrace you

    internet embrace :)

  • "Authorized" illegality

    "Authorized" illegality

  • or on top of your

    or on top of your head.