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what if you were told but refused to see ?

say they told you something but didn't explain it fully.
ISON is what you were told... think what you want its just another comet
one that just so happens to sling shot around the sun... ok no biggie?

my question is... what happens when the directional forces of the suns gravity are diverted for one day? say redirected if you will to sling a huge rock back out into space. idk

this model sure looks that way.
it shows all the planets spinning then as the comet loops the sun they all slow drastically 27th or 28th of November

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Impeach Them All (Again)

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my yesterday and Zionism

we are known as Zionist capitalist by the rest of the world. so in my search i turned up this site http://theprotocolsofzion.org/ do the writings ring true in nature ? this is a long list of Zionist protocols that are very interesting indeed.
this is my one and only post, for this site is like so many others full of shills and sheep. (no offense to those that are neither)
these are some of the pages that i saw yesterday and i will conclude with a cc&p of the protocols Zionist below after the links. shoot it down if you want
music of Human Revolution