• Turning into?

    The DP'ers WERE among the "original" Tea Partiers - back in 08 while supporting Ron Paul.

  • Others should have chosen one

    and all joined together to defeat Graham.

  • Too many candidates

    I think that is what happened to Dr. Brennan in NC...when 7 people run, the votes get so divided that the regular sheeple simply vote for the known name and he/she ends up with the majority...
    Just wondering if it is a tactic used deliberately to help the incumbent.

  • Are you for real?

    Yes, you did give me your opinion. YOU responded to my original comment to the poster (not to you) and clearly stated that "eating meat was abuse". The question is "Do you read your OWN posts"?

    Please take your passive aggressive line of calling someone who questions or disagrees with you as being "angry and defensive" as though that discredits their words.
    Have a nice day - see, I can be passive aggressive too but I prefer an honest approach.
    So, on second thought - do something else with that carrot.
    No more time for you.

  • Are you for real?

    You didn't even watch a video which YOU posted????
    Now, that takes the cake.

    It appears to me that YOU are the one being "self defensive" about your post and video. I don't need defending, thank you. You are repeating yourself by accusing me of such.
    I did not insult you - I spoke the truth. If it offends you personally, that's your problem.
    No more bumps for your thread...ramble on if you choose.

  • Really?

    Your "splaining" is more BS
    If the above claims were your true goals - then why didn't you simply post a thread to that intent - not the gross video while telling others not to watch it. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

    I don't need defending - my purpose is to point out the hypocrisy of your posts not to defend myself.

  • Excuse me?

    Perhaps it is YOU who needs a comprehension lesson.
    If you accuse a person of a wrong doing...such as abuse...you are judging that person's actions.
    Example: You spanked your child - that is abuse.
    You killed a fetus - that is abuse.
    You eat meat - that is abuse.
    Since one is certainly making a moral "judgement" - it would lead to reason that one is basically telling others that they "should not be doing whatever act deemed to be abusive".
    So, like Dinah, stop with the passive aggressiveness while you judge others under the pretense of alternative caring motives.

    No, you did not ask if I cared about your eating meat - I also did not ask you your opinion of meat eating. So, why did you impose your opinion on me first, yet complain if I respond in like?
    Go suck on a carrot and think about it.

  • That is "your" opinion.

    If you claim that eating meat is abuse - then you are judging all meat eaters.
    Thank you for your part in pointing out that this video is not about stopping animal abuse - it's more about nudging meat eaters.

    However, eating meat is not abuse in "my" opinion. Since man has been a meat eater for thousands of years...I am not overly impressed by any newwave liberal opinion of what mankind should/should not be eating.

    I do not care one bit if you do NOT eat meat...that is your business which would make me the one being non-judgemental.
    Why are some always trying to tell others how to live their lives?
    Sounds a bit like Michelle Obama's food czars to me.

  • ???

    Why would you post a video, tell people it's too horrid to watch, and then tell someone to "never mind what it says"....
    You seem as confused as the video as to your actual purpose for posting.
    We do agree on ending animal abuse...which is the only important issue.
    And yes, you are right in that pushing veganism doesn't work - even if it's a subtle suggestion such as yours.
    If the video - and now you - would simply stick to the topic of "animal abuse" - then you would receive a much more supportive audience than attempting to judge what others eat.
    Don't attempt to "splain" your passive aggressiveness away with more suggestions about my diet.

  • Why

    does the video tell people to become vegetarians and stop eating all meat? And what exactly is the overall goal of the video?
    To stop abuse at animal farms?
    or to stop people from eating meat?

    This one is very similar to "meet your meat"...
    I certainly support stopping animal cruelty - it should be a crime.
    However, I don't like implications that my eating meat is causing abuse. That's like telling me that my gun ownership is causing others to be murdered. I will certainly speak out against animal cruelty but I will not take responsibility for it. I buy my meat from local farmers.
    The makers of this film need to clarify their "goals".

  • So true...

    and they really dislike Christians - consider them right wing extremist. Why would they create their own adversary?
    As Obama described them..."clinging to their guns and their Bibles"

  • No desire to address your AJ post...

    Get a clue.
    You are what you are.
    No more bumps for your nonsense.

  • blah blah blah

    Are you in junior high school? - that appears to be about your level of thought.
    FYI Like yourself, I may address whatever I choose - or do you think freedom of speech only applies to you?
    You post - people respond. That's the name of the game.
    Frankly, pointing out your bullying tactics, your arrogance, and your immaturity, IS most relevant to this thread.
    Bumping your own thread again, are you?
    Perhaps you need to read the DP guidelines.


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  • Again?

    Please note that this thread has -92 votes - when it finally drops off the DP screen, laundryhead finds some comment earlier in the thread to respond to so he can promote his own contentious thread back onto the topic screen (as he did on this Sunday, the 18th)...is this not promoting/bumping your own negative thread just to be irritating?
    And please, laundryhead, spare everyone your passive-aggressive claims of simply "desiring to educate and inform others" while your true motives are to shove (not share maturely) your opinions on others.

  • Is this a test....

    like the Emperors New Clothes?
    If so, I'm not exactly sure what I saw, when I saw it, or how I got here....

  • This smells like an anti-christian thread to me

    just in subtle tones. If you don't like your old beliefs, drop'em - it's not that hard. If you want to be an atheist - be one. You don't have to agonize over it.
    This topic has been talked to death and yet you are in need of "more" discourse before you "make up your mind"...
    Apparently, you've already made up YOUR mind - just trying to put a damper on others.
    All you will achieve is the same ole' discussion ....the atheists will up vote and support your stance and the Christians will do the opposite. I doubt any new info of astounding proportions will appear for you to consider.
    Basically, your thread is pointless - except to stir the pot.
    We're you irritated by some Christians on Sunday or something??? LOL

  • Possible...

    or they simply waited until it was most profitable - now they have an excuse to take the whole darn farm ...

  • Sorry

    Not buying your possible reasons...too trivial. "Maybe's" don't count - or so my mother taught me.

    Got any facts?

    If your "maybes" were even considerable, they merely illustrate the BLM as a pitiful excuse for an organization who's assigned to assist the American people in collecting "our" money. LOL
    And yes, continuing to get away with 20 years of federal taxes/fines - when you have been identified and levied by the feds IS unheard of nowadays. Some people are in prison for 3 years unpaid taxes.

    You need to do some more thinking - the "mystery" is not as simple as you present. It's either corruption - or incompetence, or both.
    Are you actually attempting to defend the BLM?

  • What I'm wondering...

    is why would the BLM wait 20 years to decide to "collect" their money?
    Something just seems odd about that... government sure wouldn't give me 20 years (in jail maybe..lol)

  • Perhaps

    you could ask the baby boomers if they could name a member of the senate. Probably would do better than you think.
    Amazing - according to you, the older ones are all stupid and the younger ones are all stupid so exactly what age are all the "bright" ones...30-50? LOL Hmm- exactly how did your special "generation" acquire so much intelligence?
    Let's see though - those college kids would be the children of
    "your" special generation - right? And you would probably be the generation that the baby boomer's spawned - so just how did that magic happen?
    Sorry - just tired of hearing the blame game.