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I was always an introspective type of person even when I was young. Stuck constantly in thought, trying to find this great answer in this struggle we call life. I used labels as covers to define my supposed way of thought. Calling myself Christian, Jewish, Liberal, Buddist, Maoist and finally and most ironically, Daoist. I walked with those labels for quite some time until my friend introduced me to soft spoken old man by the name of Ron Paul. Learning of his philosophies made me eventually realize what all of my labels failed to teach me. We are not the labels that we or our loved ones cast on us, in our true forms we are all human before any label that divides us. We have allowed labels to control us for too long, throwing each other in the hands of tyranny to get ahead. It is time that us as a species accepts that we are all human and as humans our spirits should be as free as the birds soaring above our head.

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