• Thanks for updating the article!

    I appreciate you so quickly updating the article. We monitor our traffic pretty closely as the largest challenge with getting our site up and running has actually been to get the word out -- thus we check frequently to see what sites are sending traffic our way (using Google analytics). I noticed that we were getting quite a few referrals from this article, so I thought I'd check it out and noticed the inaccuracy. You're not the only ones to misunderstand =]

    HamStudy has actually been around for several years and is gradually improving -- we plan to be around for quite awhile, so I'm sure we'll have some great resources for you when you go to upgrade next =] I particularly recommend you check out our flashcards -- most people consider them our best feature, though we're working on bringing the practice tests up to par as well.

    Thank you for posting about it, and 73!

    - KD7BBC

  • Minor corrections

    Icom sponsors the website, but they do not own or run it. It is actually run by a small group of people, most of whom are ham radio operators, who were dissatisfied with the existing tools available. Those people are: Richard Bateman (me), Rich Porter, Michael Stufflebeam, Damion Junk, and Rik Line.