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Primary Victory for George Brikho (9th District) Michigan

George Brikho becomes the Liberty Movement’s official 9th District Candidate.

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Liberty Candidate George Brikho Assists 30 Year Incumbent Sander Levin into Retirement

Liberty Candidate George Brikho is hosting a "Retire Levin" Fundraiser event on April 25, 2014, in Warren, Michigan. Levin has been in office for over thirty years and Brikho has taken on the challenge to push him out of his thirty year tyrannical rein. Brikho is seeking supporters from all around the United States to gain leeway against Michigan's 9th district congressman, Levin. Over the past few years, Levin has has supported the bailouts, gun bans, the Patriot Act, and the stimulus package, as well. For thirty years, Levin has helped strip away the right of Americans.

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Committed Constitutionalist George Brikho Attends LPAC conference

September 26, 2013
For Immediate Release
Chantilly, VA

Committed Constitutionalist George Brikho Attends LPAC conference

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Libertarian candidate G. Brikho running as Republican makes some noise at his first fundraiser

Libertarian Candidate Running as a Republican is Making Some Noise

Madison Heights, MI Ninth District

George Brikho trumpeted appreciation to all of his supporters present at the atypical politician’s first fundraiser, on July 26 at the Villa Penna.
Supporters numbered upwards of 170 and helped to raise nearly $20,000.00 at this
successful event for Brikho’s campaign.

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Defending the 2nd amendment: Libertarian candidate raffling off an AR-15 rifle at fundraiser.

The Revolution Continues In Sterling Heights For Candidate George Brikho Fundraiser on July 26, 2013