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Steve Macias is a Christian pro-life activist, and he aspires to be a minister. He is the executive director of Cherish California’s Children and founder of the St. Anselm Leadership Institute. He is a delegate to the California Republican Party State Central Committee and Vice President of the California Republican Assembly.

Raised in West Sacramento, California, Steve grew up in the diverse Broderick community where he learned Spanish and English. After high school, he started a group of College Republicans at Sacramento City College where he was elected student body president. There he became the target of an illegal recall election for refusing to censor a pro-life group on campus. After a nationally publicized debate, Macias was reinstated and he became a pro-life leader, pioneering the West Coast Regional Coordinator position at Students for Life of America.

At just twenty-three, Steve has proven himself one of the state’s most articulate spokesmen for a reasoned and thoughtful libertarian-republicanism. He has also been a defender of biblical Christianity as a writer and speaker on issues of Christian theology, ethics, and economics.

He has worked in a number of California initiative and candidate campaigns, including Assemblyman Dan Logue, former Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, and a campaign to draft Congressman Tom McClintock for president. Steve is also the legislative director of the Hispanic Values Union and the Communications Director for Consumers for Choice, a political advocacy group.

Steve and his wife Sarah live in California’s gold country and are members of Church of the King Sacramento (CREC).

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