• Those who are crazy to think they can change the world

    I could listen to Ron Paul talk about issues all day but after reading the comments on DP about the video - he will need to open up his fan base and find a stronger approach. I particularly enjoy the idea about having a lead anchor and then having Ron come and talk about the issues with a panel. It's important to remain objective when looking at these issues or it will become the Ron Paul opinion channel and people will loose interest.

    Of course, this idea is an excellent one and it keeps the revolution going with a stronger voice but it must reach out and grab peoples attention. We are currently in the business of persuading people to believe in the truth. Ron should mirror the ideas of Bill O'Reilly's show - talking points and breaking down the issues is what we really need. An uninformed society won't pay attention to opinions of complex issues if they don't understand the core of it all.

    Glenn is such a gentlemen and is very intelligent, couldn't have asked for a better first guest.

  • Go along to get along

    Special interests and continued idiotic interpretation of safety in this country.