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Out Of Touch: Politicians Who Support Action On Syria

Here is a list of completely out-of-touch politicians who absolutely need to be removed from office:


Rep. Peter King - constantly warmongering on CNN and discrediting all outside opinions. He believes the President is wasting time by having Congress follow the constitution. Throughout the NSA leaks, he called for Glenn Greenwald to be punished.


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Best way to hide evidence is to get rid of it


Agents involved in the arrest of suspected Boston Bomber deceased.

Similar story with Seal Team 6.


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Boston Bombings, all evidence is word of mouth

The Boston Bombings was a tragic and scary event for the state of Massachusetts and the people participating in the marathon. However, what happened here might never be revealed as everything from the start has been claimed by officials and not by actual proof.

The governor of Massachusetts has not seen the video of the suspects dropping the bags. He stated that authorities briefed him on the video. No citizens have step forward as a witness, no video has been released, and word of mouth continues.