• Yeah that would be so cool!

  • The world IS flat genus!


    This is proof that the earth is flat!!

    It wasn't until Christopher Columbus discovered the New World.....sound familiar? NEW WORLD ORDER...that TPTB began teaching this bogus story that the earth is round!

    You will believe anything won't you! Have you ever tried walking on a really big ball? You would fall off! The edges of the world are guarded by military bases and alien craft.

    Also, listen to what Obama said about the flat earth! Why would he make such a comment? He obviously is afraid of what the discussion might reveal: THE TRUTH THAT THE EARTH IS FLAT!!!


    These people are at the forefront of this battle and are helping to expose the "round earthers" for who they really are: homo capensis!


    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • How's this?

    (Clears throat hmmmmhmmm)

    Why was that guy resisting if he didn't have anything to hide?

    Those cops are just doing their jobs!

    I feel safer knowing there is one less criminal on the streets.

    Without the police there to protect us, we would have anarchy! You people scare me!

    I'm so glad I voted for OBAMA!

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Oh, I see you've refined your argument

    No more poisonous Chemtrails?

    Have we moved on to geoengineering?

    Youre making progress. Such a fine pupil, fine pupil indeed.

    Do you realize that those "chemtrail" videos you posted are not videos of geoengineering?

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • This is the most intelligent comment

    On the entire thread.

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Piss fit?

    Haha, I will be sure to incorporate that one into my vocabulary.

    I'm a very calm person. I'm not one to "get all worked up." So your incorrect judgment about how I will react is not in good form Sir.

    My comment was to Soli, but you felt the need to respond. Again, not in good form sir.

    While I appreciate your efforts to bridle my tongue, it also is not in good form, as it violates your libertarian ideals.

    Would you agree?

    So now I'll ask, what "people" am I driving away?

    What do you mean by driving away?

    Have you listened to Karen Hudes ridiculous claims about Nibiru? The Vatican?

    Do you believe that another species is behind all the evils in the world?

    She does.

    Why are you so sensitive? Do you believe these things also?

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Or just crazy

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Yeah

    My ideology of truth is absurd.

    How can you trust someone who thinks that a comet is actually Planet Nibiru?

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Dupe behavior 101

    Believe everything you're told.

    How can you tell when you are being duped?

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Three options

    1. Stay put as the armed gang approaches you. Attempt to reason with them.

    Result: Murdered by gang

    2. Flee for safety as the armed gang approaches you.

    Result: Murdered by gang

    3. Close with and engage the armed gang in an attempt to neutralize the threat.

    Result: Reinforcements are called in. Murdered by gang

    Which option will you choose?

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Holy smokes,

    Don't tell me you believe Aliens are running the government.

    Wait, nevermind, please do. I need a good laugh.

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Oh man,

    You're right. Sorry! This isn't the first time I've been busted. :(

    I was just exercising this thing I learned about called discernment, as suggested here:


    Karen Hudes Has already told us about the aliens in the vatican:

    "This group has large brains. They are very distinct from homo sapiens. Their DNA is so different that if the two species mated, their offspring would be infertile and we know this because there DNA was just tested. They have skulls all over the place..." - Karen Hudes, March 7th, 2014

    Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/karen-hudes-announces-existence...

    It's silly to be skeptical of her. Thanks for the heads up!

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • I agree

    Even Bill3 hates that guy.

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • I wonder...

    Who will be first? It will be exciting to watch this drama unfold.

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • What's up with you and Karen Hudes?

    You know she is off her rocker right?

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • I'm curious

    About what you told them.

    Would you like to share?

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • LLIB3,

    You remind me of this other poster who goes by the moniker BILL3. He's pretty funny but some folks think he is an asshole.

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • Nice try.

    Dearest Goldspin,

    Be honest....You didn't listen to the interview did you?

    You hate Andy Gause but the link you provided has this to say about him:

    "Andrew Gause is one of the most respected monetary historians and contemporary experts on American and international banking systems. Not only does Gause understand the intricacies of the Federal Reserve fiat money system, he has also studied every other fiat money system in history and understands that all of these systems ultimately fail. Gause has attracted a wide following with over one thousand television and radio appearances, and has written two books on the subject, The Secret World of Money and Uncle Sam Cooks the Books."

    Andrew Gause states in another interview that Abraham Lincoln (greenbacker)was potentially the worst president in US history. The other contender is Woodrow Wilson!

    What do you have to say about that Goldspan? Nevermind, I don't really care.

    But I digress, lets get back to your point. Speaking of the actions of the FED, if the method you mentioned above were to be followed, Andy says the FED would "force a collapse, force a contraction, they would force a panic...threaten, cajole, twist..." He gives the example of Andrew Jackson ending the Second Bank of the United States, the "Federal Reserve" of the time.

    He then goes on to state "Step 5" which is "no monopoly issue power, everyone is free to issue notes...small enterprises were able to issue money"

    I thought that was your objective. Doesn't that sound like a "free market" solution? You guys have the same destination, youre just taking different paths to get there.

    So now that we've covered that,

    One more question, what is your connection with Gary North?

    Why do you love him so much?

    You stated that you preferred Gary Norths suggestion to stone homosexuals over Andrew Gause's economic proposal.

    Goldspan: " I wasn’t aware of Gary North Old Testament positions…..do I like them ….not particular……would I prefer them to the Greenbacker’s religious persuasions……yeah…..hell yeah."

    While I found your article well written full of insight, I now realize it was all a ploy. Looks like you've been exposed as a neo con zealot.


    Such a shame.

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • +1


    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

  • WTF?

    You guys can't take a joke?

    Relax! Breathe! Smile!

    Try it sometime when you aren't too busy down voting.*

    *not directed at Ed U.

    "I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul