• okay

    But I write like shite.
    What is there left to say?
    The next chapter unfolds before us.
    Will we rise or will we fall?
    Treating the symptoms or planning to heal.
    While boots crush our brothers beneath the seal.
    What is there left to do?
    Fighting to reach the peak of my curve.
    At this moment we intersect and bond.
    Flesh and blood we are the same.
    Free willed seeking spiritual gain.

  • warped justice

    This is a learned behavior. Is this not the same thing they do to us? Is anyone really innocent? Can we learn from these examples?

  • happened for a reason

    We all die. Look at Michaels WW2 story, if that doesn't happen we don't have Mike or the DP. What good comes from these seemingly evil deaths I don't know, but there is always purpose.

  • Interrelated

    I think you are on to something there. Is this Energy/Frequency shift in part responsible for the Spiritual/Political wake up call? Is this a catalyst part of the natural Tyranny, Revolution, Freedom cycle? Does this explain some of the reasoning behind Chem-Trail/Climate agenda's? Interesting stuff.

  • This is why

    "they" need to have agenda's that push Free Markets underground. Shun false chemicals and live with the fruits of the Earth. God bless the Free(Black)Market.

  • I like Mike

    The idea of liberty will live on past those that seek our lives. Hopefully the generations that you boys spring from have a voice beyond all this mess. Mikey N. is showing us how, leading us by example. He makes me want to be more like him.

  • Cannabis

    Back in 1990 (pre-internet for me), I saw some papers containing info about all the great natural alternatives that hemp and marijuana could provide the world. Fast forward 20 years, and I find this healing herb in my life again. It is hard to define, but it healed my mind and body in some profound ways.

    [Side Note] I was talking to someone recently that said every elevator cable is made with a core of hemp fibers, of course the hemp is purchased from our friends north of us.

    The words of Christ also helped lead me, although I have soured on organized religion at this point in time. Not sure what comes next for this work in progress. I still have lots to learn.

  • Saving's plan

    Start doing real police work, and stop killing people.

  • Agreed

    Ironically the worst kind of people get to spend our money building better killing machines.

  • My thoughts

    I see a creature(alien?), with an elongated skull in the center of the picture.

    A woman surrounded by light(power + goodness + truth). Her loose breasts might depict her life giving nature, sexuality, or lust. Where the ladies lead men will follow.... We need more of you extraordinary ladies to lead the cause.

    The colors of the flag might represent color meditations.

    RED: Fire, Revolution, Blood, Liberation, Anger

    WHITE: A reflection of all other colors. A masculine color. Destiny, Purity, Innocence, Transcendence, Higher Power

    BLACK: Absorption of all other colors. A feminine color. Represents Structure and Thinking, as it's direction. Deep, Quiet, Collected and Silent. Calm and in Control.

  • NAP

    Non Aggression Principal

  • I've been there.

    But at the same time I was having some other inner awakenings that don't fit in Christian doctrine, and would be considered something else.

    It is your mind that makes any kind of faith real, a placebo effect of sorts. The mish-mash of flag, goddess, and idol worship that I have experienced has been confusing.

    I am at the point where I feel the Bible has been tampered with, and Christianity is a copy of something older.

  • Man of the cloth.

    This man is the clergy for his faith based paradigm. This is no different than a Christian defending a faith based rationalization. These institutions are damaging to the individual mindset. We are all damaged goods. Government extremist's make up the rules as they go. Somehow they believe their precious paper statue can do no wrong. It's all necessary to preserve their personal faith, of course that kind of virtue is rewarded by the parent system.

  • A door opens.

    When a door closes. Marriage under any circumstances is not easy. People change and grow in different ways. I know my views are not always welcome even with the person that knows me the best.

    Make the best of it. Do what makes you happy. You can be whoever you want to be.

    Peace be with you.

  • Just my opinion.

    I don't think the establishment sciences are very trust worthy. These are just my own thoughts on the subject. I didn't call anyone stupid. I was hoping for some thought outside of accepted theories other than just calling people whacko's.

    There are over 300 cultures that have a flood story. Who is to say there weren't that many(Noah's)or more? Maybe a Noah for each continent or tribe? Possibly some area's remained dry.

    I don't know if the Bible is right or wrong here. There is evidence for a flood, and so I wonder what really happened.

  • Maybe so.

    I go out of my way to avoid these chemicals where I can, and I have become healthier as a result. I have some personal evidence to back up my claims. I lost 40 lbs. just by changing a few habits and purchasing some different natural products.

    Obesity/Disease of any kind is due to inflammation/endocrine disruption. For me it was directly caused by the things I was putting in my body. Where I moderate the synthetic, others live primarily on what I now consider uneatable and undrinkable.

    I hope you find what you are looking for here. Peace and Love be with you.

  • Some facts.

    It is a fact that things like aluminum(deodorant), Aspartame(DIE-iT Soda), Corn Syrup (In just about everything pre-packaged, and Fluoride (toothpaste, mouthwash, public water) all collect in certain areas of the brain or affect the nervous system in some way.

    Is it done on purpose, with thought, and intent? Most likely. A healthy strong people is hard to control.

  • C'mon brother.

    Use your head. They took eggs, babies, or pregnant females. They find these bones on mountain tops. Why? Because dead things float. They find them in giant twisted piles of bones. Why? Because there was a flood.

    We date fossils by rock layer, and we date rock layers by the fossils found in them. It's called circular reasoning.

    History isn't some f**cking graph in a text book. This Earth is like a giant school bus heading through heavy traffic. Who's at the wheel?

  • Depends

    It depends on the individual reason for joining the service. Some want to kill. Some just need to chase paper and provide. Some want to help people and see the world. Some consider it honor, duty, patriotism.

    How many are awake enough to discern right or wrong? Like the police they may not ever think in those terms. When faith in statue, orders, and chain of command encompasses morality, to them that is right, and to think otherwise is wrong.

  • Matrix = Control

    The triune. Mental illness, Spiritual illness, Physical illness. We become what we feed the body, mind, and soul. Synthetic water, food, medicine, hygiene products.

    It seems there is a willingness to impose a chemical evolution upon humanity. Most Pharma (Sorcery)seems to be pointed at calcifying your pineal gland (third eye).

    Make no mistake this is spiritual warfare. When mental judgment and acuity is clouded, the body is sickened, the spiritual center is cut off from the source. To what end? Just control? Unnatural selection?