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All seemingly-real human or extraterrestrial-alien-entity groups or organizations and all their intentional artificially-fictitious creations, of any type or manifestation, at any level of awareness or intelligence, for any purpose, secret or open, visible or invisible, in the entire world or universe, anywhere at anytime, have NO-AUTHORITY and have NO-JURISDICTION and have NO-VALID-CLAIMS-OF-OWNERSHIP over Sovereign Individuals or their lawfully rightful possessions, who are multi-dimensional, non-corporate, physically mortal with eternal spirits, sentient real man and/or woman of flesh-and-bones-and-blood, natural born, peacefully living in freedom with liberty by consentual voluntary agreements, breathing, standing-on-the-land, with clean hands, with clear minds and consciences, and with good hearts; denying consent with total rejection to any and all coercively-forced destructive fraudulently-extorted without-full-disclosure deceptive non-voluntary enslaving unilateral-contracts of adhesion.
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