• This Officer has a Vendetta because of his son's death

    But, it is WRONG to castigate a whole group of people who believe in the Constitution, and to put them in the same bucket as "insane killers". He is ridiculous. There is always a few nutcases in every "movement" or group. It doesn't mean the rest are nuts, though. If this guy were to get after POLICE BRUTALITY & MURDER, then I'd have more sympathy for him, but I wouldn't bet on that!

    What if the police were to arrest anybody for murder, then found out he was an OBAMANOID who supported DICTATORSHIPS which is where we are now?

    Noooo, that never happens, does it. This officer is a pawn in a bigger scheme cooked up by the filthy rich elites in a room in Manhattan or London who cook up these controlling schemes. These schemes include the TOTALITARIAN CONTROL over puppet politicians who drink and never read the bills they pass, and puppet leaders of countries they take over like Ukraine in this year's Coup D'Etat in Kiev, their total control of the Media, including Hollywood, and their total control of our Military.

    No, this guy is, no doubt, a NEOCON Republican, totally brainwashed. Problem is that someday his grandchildren will suffer massively for his ignorance! I am sorry for his loss, though.

  • Robert Kennedy & Ted were responsible for IMMIGRATION LAWS

    being massively changed. They PUSHED THEM! I know. I have read a stack of Immigration Bills during that time period. The arguments were "but we can't send that many Vietnamese here, it'll will get out of hand"----and it did. ALL of the legal & illegal immigration. So, throughout the decades these politicians kept loosening the laws and allowing 3rd world cultures to flock in. Prior to 1945, the Immigration Laws were strict and only allowed countries to immigrate that had cultural similarities.

    It is unconscionable what Congress did to this country. It ruined our culture, our identity, our Christian values to the point of paganism, and crushed us economically!

    And, if you were living in the bay area in California in 1981, you know what I mean. At that time, the demographics were 80% Caucasion 20% Other. Today, it is about 90% Other, & 10% Caucasion. In fact, there are so many Indians now from India, it's incredible. They do not integrate well into our culture, as well as all the other Asian cultures, and that was the objection.

    The more you have in common (as in a marriage or a country), the more you see things alike, etc. Now, America is a compass without any direction.

    So, no, I'm not keen on Robert Kennedy. John Kennedy was against the Federal Reserve, and for that alone he was probably killed.

  • The EVIDENCE by the OSCE investigator indicated that

    there were massive machine gun bullet holes on both sides of the cockpit which indicated the MH17 was NOT shot down by a BUC missile, so this article is erroneous.

    The only truth about it is that it was a UKRAINIAN FIGHTER JET that shot the plane down.

    I'm getting sick & tired of all these EVIL FILTHY RICH MEN who control everything from soup to nuts, and who keep winning the fight against goodness & righteousness in this world! It doesn't seem to even matter what category we are talking about--wars, stock markets, the Russian currency, etc.

  • impeach, Impeach, IMPEACH!

    There is no other answer. This one act was the MOST in your face complete and utter total usurping of power, a complete repudiation of the separation of powers, a degrading of everything Americans stand for, and a total act of tyrrany, take your pick.

    Total arrogance and contempt for the democratic process, this man does not deserve to be a leader of this country.

    Republicans can talk all they want, can complain all they want, but if they fail to bring impeachment proceedings against this man, then they are showing their own true contempt for this great country as well.

    Congress saw fit to bring the Keystone pipeline bill before Congress 9 friggin' times prior to last week? Each time they knew that the Senate would not pass that Bill. So, if they can do that, then they can certainly bring impeachment proceedings against Pres. Obama, regardless if it passes the Senate or not.

    All Americans need to know is who the culprits in the Senate are, and who the culprits in the Congress are that would not back an Impeachment of this sitting president. So, come on Rand Paul, or whoever else has the guts to do it.

  • "IF" Rand is serious, then he should file for IMPEACHMENT...

    IMMEDIATELY! No more talk.

    In fact, he has no idea that by taking this one action, he has no idea how much it would really help him win the presidency.

    It simply doesn't matter that the Senate would stop the impeachment. Right now it's absolutely imperative that somebody start the impeachment process, somebody that has some level and degree of fame in the Senate or the Congress.

  • TO: yk256

    BOTH shotguns & rifles (lethal weapons) will be able to be used by the public.

    Again, this is a smart move by Putin & the Duma. "Self-defense" is the key term here...self-defense from intruders, and self-defense from a foreign invasion!

    Know what the Russian East Ukrainians called themselves?


  • That is AWESOME---here's why

    When the people LIKE the government, and the government LIKES the people, the government has no fear, and it's ok for the people to have weapons.

    But there is probably another less obvious reason. Putin knew what happened in East Ukraine, and he's probably wanting all citizens to be armed, just in case. Get it?

  • No guts, No glory

    That's pretty disappointing. Rand just keeps selling himself to the Devil continuously. Don't kid yourself. He's very ambitious. He's kidding himself. He's betrayed his dad. I would NEVER have done that. I don't care. At some point, you have to believe that God is in control for allowing these terrible rich elite Rockefellers of the world to have their tremendous power. Maybe Pope Leo XIII was right in his vision, that Satan would have 100 years full reign starting in the 20th century. I'd say his reign is about up, if you start it from that ignominious date of 1913.

    Honor thy father and mother. Rand did not. There is no compromising with the rich elites. They will use him. They will then abuse him as he grovels at their feet. Rand has shown many signs of being a morphed-into neocon.

    I'm sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I'm beginning to re-think all this and agree with Lew Rockwell---just don't vote at all.

  • Ben, Ben, Ben

    Thanks for bringing these stats and facts out, and hey, you need to marry that beautiful woman next to you! ;)

  • I won't give any money UNLESS the L candidate

    is-----JUST LIKE RON PAUL.

  • So, Bob---

    How do we act more deliberately? What is our answer since the Little RICH WHITE MEN trillionaire own 100% of the MEDIA! You need a video regarding that!

    A part of me wonders what was the point in this video, since the Banking Syndicate Elitists are doing just that, planning and plotting behind our backs, and government employees are so easily duped, along with so many of the masses, and the only thing I can think of as a way to fight these guys is to find a way to undermine and infiltrate the CABLE TV NETWORKS, interjecting their programming with the TRUTHs.

    If some high techie guys can figure out a way to intercept programs---maybe satellite, and especially cable TV---then we could have a breakthrough!

  • I love your name "PORKY"!!!

    I just don't know---is it the National Guard picketing, or the regular Ukrainian Army boys?

    If it's the National Guard, to heck with them. I could care less about those psychopaths. Their motive seems to only be monetary, not in ending the killing of Eastern Ukrainians with impunity, or the dastardly deeds that have been done. If that were the case, for a fear of a spring attack again, then I'd support them, but if they are the National Guard, they can kiss off.

  • She is an IGNORMAUS, big-time.

    No wonder her ex-husband is dating the very smart actress of "Hunger Games". Of course, I need to preface that by saying---so far.

    Any woman that would name her daughter "APPLE" is just criminal in my mind, and her husband Chris was very weak to allow Paltrow control over that. In fact, he should have divorced her on the spot AFTER making sure the little girl had a normal name. That was evidence Paltrow is nothing but a spoiled little brat who wanted to ensure her daughter had some mental problems so she wouldn't be competition for Paltrow. What a louse she is.

    I hope she fails as the pipsqueak actress she is. I NEVER could understand how Hollywood gave her an Oscar for that ridiculous, disgusting movie and spinoff of Romeo & Juliet.

  • RUSSIA's 2nd Military Base is in SYRIA----

    So this will be interesting...if Russia is smart, they will not be on the side of the USA in their UNLAWFUL ATTACK on a country that FORBADE THEM to enter!!

  • Jan needs to say---

    what the REASONING was that our Founding Fathers put those limits on the government.

    What if a "bad guy" or bad guys get into high positions of power all the way to the President, and what if they wanted control of all the oil fields in the Middle East, or they wanted to destroy Russia, so that they could have control of their gas fields?

    Is it reasonable that our Founding Fathers wanted to prevent this from happening? Is it reasonable that they did NOT want "Executive Dictatorial Powers" to be permitted at the Executive Presidential level?

    Is it because IF the "bad guy" or "bad guys" got into power, that they would lie to the public about what their true motives are, just so they could get their way?

    What IF this were true? Would that mean we are killing innocent children, men, and women of another country?

    What IF these bad guys in power lied to the public, and on top of that were told publicly by the President of Syria NOT to come and attack their country, what IF THESE BAD GUYS DID THAT?

  • The FEDERAL RESERVE "Money Changers" have

    the CONTROL of our STOCK MARKETS--PAPER MARKETS, not any pundit or anybody else, including some of the people we respect like Peter Schiff, etc. These people cannot possibly predict WHEN the markets will crash, or when the gold & silver paper markets will go up.

    Why? Because after being actively involved in the stock markets for 15 years myself, it is my opinion that the top PYRAMID ELITES like David Rockefeller, Jr., etc. are the ones who have such MASSIVE CONTROL over the markets that it will not fall until they are ready to "pull the plug".

    When will that happen? Either of two ways:

    1. When the SADIST BANKSTERS lose power (if they ever do), meaning the masses overpower them physically, and overtake them physically in perhaps a COUP, confiscating the elites lands, homes, and offshore bank accounts world-wide, or...

    2. When they decide to pull the plug on the stock markets after they've acquired Russia & China as war prizes, and all their lands & resources, including gold stores. Keeping the markets inching up constantly (they think) keeps the baby boomers on the golf courses & the rest watching sports & reality TV shows or American Idol, and keeps them away from the Internet in search of the truth, which is what the elites want. They want the masses to be focused on venial pursuits, so they can accomplish their goals. And, of course, their whore Media accomplices help accomplish that goal.

  • I disagree---if GOLD was "leased"---WHO was it leased to?

    GOLD was, no doubt, on a FREEBIE LEASE to all the Federal Reserve & CFR elite families, and no doubt, is sitting in their well-protected vaults in their mansions.

    I doubt seriously, since GOLD didn't just get up and walk away on its own, that it was 'legally' leased to foreigners. My sense is that it was stolen by the BANKING CABAL families, all families that are in cahoots with the Federal Reserve AND the CFR, and CFR affiliates.

    Maybe THAT is why we can't get an audit of the FEDERAL RESERVE, duh--

  • Can you imagine the conversation?

    Between the pilot, the co-pilot, the Radio guy, and the Kiev Air Traffic Controllers? Wow---NON-STOP panic-stricken talk about why they were asking them to move the plane over and down to 30,000 feet, noticing the 2 Ukrainian jet fighters next to them & the Air Traffic Controllers saying, "oh, that's ok, they are escorting you to safety because the fighting area has changed".

    In the meantime, the pilot is talking to the co-pilot not believing this change, telling the Kiev Air Traffic Controllers they don't believe it with the AT Controllers repeating that they needed them to do this, panicky looks, frustrating words, THEN seeing the Ukrainian jet fighter pilots with gunner machines attached. Then, the pilot really starting to panic as they had already moved to the latitude and longitude requested---then, BOOM---gunner bullets galore from both sides of the plane at the cockpit. SCREAMS, YELLS, everything you can imagine in a nightmare & silence & the sound of the plane crashing with screams from the passengers...

    Sound like that could have happened? Uh---non-stop talk, panic talk, and these murdering governments want to hide this, because they can't figure out a way to manipulate it. End of story, a very, very sad story. You think the passengers relatives don't think something is fishy now? YOU BET THEY DO. Yet, they won't get their interviews with CNN or the NY Times now...

  • BIG MEDIA----LIES, LIES, & more LIES

    BBC, the Washington Post, the most inflammatory NY TIMES, all Cable news outlets--CNN, MSN, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc., all these outlets have told so many bald-faced lies about the Ukrainian COUP, the upset, the murderous rampage that Kiev went on that I can't even believe it myself how much they have lied.

    There was, for example, nothing bad about marching their captives through town on Ukraine's "Independence Day". And, they threw eggs, and they called those guys "fascists". Many reportedly switched sides, including a Commander.

    PUTIN has contacted MERKEL, and whatever he said, she has motivated herself to get the Washington stooge Poroshitko to work a compromise out with the SE Ukrainians, as she is firm on not going to war with Russia. Intersting development, but a compromise will be difficult.

    What with Lugansk being leveled, all the infrastructure practically gone, what will those people be able to return to? What idiots to bomb their own nearly bankrupt country! What a moron to fall for the EU & US propaganda when Russia had offered the better deal for these people!

    Then, he adds insult to injury by declaring Ukrainian as the main language, forever relegating the Russian-speaking population to the cellar. It seems to me that those people need guarantees of RE-BUILDING THEIR COMMUNITIES back to the way they were, and they need to have some of those Right Sector fascist Nazi's removed from office. THAT would do the trick.

  • I guess I'll chime in--

    It seems to me we push Rand Paul too much on this website. So what he's Ron Paul's son. The thing I ALWAYS liked about Dr. Ron Paul was that he was NEVER compromising. He was unflinching in his moral principles and stood strong in his political views. This all resulted in his being CONSISTENT.

    I just never saw that in Rand.

    The other recent complaint I have is that I don't see enough consistently on Ukraine. This is such an important story we all need to be following it, as it could lead to a full-out nuclear war, especially with the trillionaire miscreant psychopaths we have leading our government and military.

    We have to remember why we came to this website in the beginning. It was the TRUTH. Dr. Paul just happened to be a part of an awakening. We know must continue seeking truth at any and all levels, not that Nystrom doesn't do this. He does. We just are missing some very important global stories as of late, and we must stay on top of them. That's all I gotta say.