• Libertarian???

    Are you a Libertarian? Are any of you? Are you people members of the Mises Institute? Have you read Hayek, Rothbard or Mises? Possibly Spooner or Bastiat? Maybe Woods, DiLorenzo, Salerno or Block? This is not a spectator sport or an "arm chair general" movement. This is an idealogical battle that takes full dedication of mind and soul. A complete change of thinking and action in life. I am one of the numerous that went through this in 07'-08' and have since thrown in the towel. I fought in two states and was on the ground at the Nevada convention. This cannot be won through the statist designated channels. You are not fighting an up hill battle, you are playing for the team you are trying to beat. You cannot win within the system, the system is your opponent. Do not call yourself a Libertarian and then question what Rockwell is talking about. He is talking about the same stuff he has been for years. "Ron Paul", "Ron Paul"! Have you ever read the people he cites? They are individualists and anarchists. The system cannot be fixed or reformed, the system is the issue.

    The truth or the "red pill" is a m****ker, but it is the only way to the truth. What we have here is politics as usual.

  • Can the Supreme Court

    Can the Supreme Court determine was is Constitutional? The Supreme Court having the ability to declare a law or act of the Federal government unconstitutional says that a branch of the Federal government can determine its own scope and power. A concept not in line with "limited government". This was an issue durring the Constitutional Convention and likely why Article III is short and vague. I believe there were those that saw the judicial as a backdoor to expanding power, hence there was a flurry of judicially related legislation the last decade of the 18th century. There was a movement in Congress at the time of Jefferson to greatly limit, or outright dismantle the Supreme Court and related Federal courts, as they were seen as dangerous and overreaching. Jefferson not taking action here is sometimes pointed out as one of his greatest failures.

    From a Libertarian / freedom standpoint Marbury vs. Madison was not seen as good, but a usurpation of power by the Federal body. Virginia had stood ground in the 1790's refusing to enforce in full the Treaty of Paris and Jay's Treaty. The point there being the State's determined what was constitutional, not the Fed. I believe some New England states did this during the War of 1812 as well. So much lost history here...

    A good primer essay on this is Marshall DeRosa's "Supreme Court as Accomplice: Judicial Backing for a Despotic Presidency".

  • Waste of Time

    I have not seen this documentary in a few years, but I remember it being a waste of time. I also remember friends asking about it due to confusion over the subject matter. It latches onto ideas that are considered fallacies of the Austrian school, traps itself in logical error and really just does not go all the way with the issue (get the state out of the money). I seem to remember it supporting some level of state controlled money and forms of economic protectionism. If I am wrong on this all apologies.

    A word about the gold standard. It is not "about" the gold standard, it is about freedom of choice with money, and money is a commodity. It just happens that over the millennia people have preferred the commodity of gold and other PMs. States, for right or wrong, have adopted at times this policy as well. And the end of the day it is about choice and personal freedom. If you want paper money, gold, tools, beer or a pat on the back after a day of work, that is your decision. I have done many a days work for commodities other than "money" and I imagine "barter" is more alive and well than most of us realize.

    Go get the books, podcasts and videos (free on mises.org) that people are mentioning. It will take you where you need to go with this subject.

  • Amendment 28...

    the Constitution is null and void and we return to the Articles of Confederation, and then figure out how to get rid of that as well. The document was drafted in relative secrecy and violated the preexisting contract, the Articles of Confederation. The Liberty movements darling Jefferson was not even there and many popular voices of the Revolution spoke passionately out against it. The States did not fall into line and unanimously ratify it and there was popular sentiment against it, Patrick Henry and Jefferson included. To believe a piece of paper can rein in the powers of collectivism (government) is naive at best and suicide at worst. There were holes written into the Constitution, such as those defining judicial power, that were to be used after ratification to quickly expand federal power. Anyone recall the movement in the first decade of the 19th century to do away with federal courts due to their overreaching power and the idea that they could determine what is Constitutional? Lost to history... Pretty difficult to enforce a contract when the other party is free to interpret and enforce the terms.

  • Nothing Unusual Here

    I know this area very well. There are multiple Army, Air Force and Reserve bases scattered throughout the coast and hills headed towards Southern California. You have Fort Ord, Fort Hunter-Liggett, Vandenberg AFB and Camp Roberts, which not only has a train depot right along highway 101, but often has lots of old military vehicles scattered within it. This is not a completely unusual site in this area, especially as you get into the less populated coastal valleys north of Santa Barbara and south of the Bay Area. I think as others have pointed out, all this is, is a great waste of money rolling down the tracks.

  • You beat me to it...

    You beat me to it... Democracy is mob rule. The other fallacy here is "constitutional right". There is no such thing. Rights are derived from the creator or your humanity. A piece of paper cannot give you a right, but it can attempt to take one away.

    What anarchy is and what it means in application is a whole other deal...

  • Everyone Should Read

    First thank you for posting and giving us access to this article. Honestly I could not finish it. All the normal dribble to smear those that want liberty, just in a more "professionally respected" setting. Too much mention of Palin, not enough mention of Paul. However, this is an important read for knowing ones enemy.

    What the question to me is, is this a purposeful smearing for the desired goal of molding opinion or do these people really believe this?

  • Back in 97...

    Went through something a little similar back in 97'. Band had played in the same rehearsal spot in a rec room in a residential area since 92'. One day, in the middle of the day, the band is rehearsing and cops are at the door. Long story short they stated if we did not immediately cease playing they would confiscate all our equipment. We challenged them as we had played there consistently for 5 years! The property owner did not want trouble and in respect to the owner who had been very gracious to us we moved our operation. Within a short time frame an actual for profit rehearsal studio near this location was "raided" late at night and all the bands told the same thing. Bored cops that wanted to seize property.

  • Let me throw out a few items

    Let me throw out a few items here:

    * North Dakota is a rural state with a very small population of what I would guess to be hardy, self-sufficient citizens. This alone would help it not run a deficit.
    * The "states" printed their own money during the colonial period running deficits and all that goes with that, including draconian tender laws. This was one catalyst for the Constitutional Convention and the whole only gold and silver are to be legal tender.
    * There could be legitimate legal challenges to this
    * At the end of the day it is just another central bank in bed with government, just because it is not Federal does not make it any less dangerous.

    Overall it is the system and concept that is a failure here. Moving it to a different center of power will not solve the overall problem.

  • Lived down there for over 25

    Lived down there for over 25 years. This is nothing new. Every once in awhile there is a missile launch from one of the numerous bases in the general area. Always seems to be at dusk. There is normally limited to no info available on what is going on. Often comes from Vandenberg AFB of Navy vessels off the coast.

    Another related item is the immense sonic booms we used to get in the morning. This was attributed to the Aurora project. The jet was gaining speed over Southern California on its way to Nellis AFB.

    All kinds of weird "unexplained" military stuff happens around there. Especially once you get into the desert or more rural coastal areas.

  • I am in the Bay Area.

    I live in one of the most liberal regions of the Bay Area. You have no idea what these people are like. There is probably nothing else on the planet to compare them to. This is a world unto itself. Like someone else said, they are complaining because they want more, not less. The mindset of the people is completely at odds with the idea of a free society and they will get hostile when you challenge their beliefs. Statism is a religion out here with many devout followers.

  • Exactly...

    Exactly.... if this does not do it for you, look into taking take the red pill again.

  • Great Interview

    That was a great interview. Clear, concise and to the point.

  • What is a Right?

    What is a right? Most people have no clue that's why the state can claim whatever they want regarding "rights". You cannot have a "right" to someone else's life, property or labor so you can cross a bunch of these off the list. Marriage is no business of the state, but a compact between individuals and possibly a church, so immaterial as to whom are the private parties involved.

    Screw the politics and begin educating people on property and rights, and people will start to listen.

  • West Coast Greetings

    Happy New Year all! Peace, prosperity & liberty from the western coast of this republic. 2010 could be a wild ride so prepare for the worst and hope for the best! If 2009 taught me anything, it was that things are worse than I thought, but there are way more of us than I ever imagined... And I should have bought more silver at $11 oz!

  • Wet & Freezing in California

    I live in the Central Coast area. We had a very mild summer and Fall came quickly. It has been very wet and very cold. Got 12" of rain in one day back in October and things were off and running from there. We seem to get a storm about every ten days and it will then rain for a few days straight.

    Overnight temps are in the 20's and low 30's. Weeks straight of frost and ice, even got snow in the hills (roughly 500 ft). Not entirely unusual weather for around here if it were February.

    What's funny is I will check the Weather Channel and it will say 45 and mild. I will walk outside and crunch across my frozen lawn and scrape ice from the truck's windshield. They are always wrong with their temp readings and precipitation totals. Last night was "light rain" as I watched patio furniture blow away, the road flood and lightening streak across the sky.

    The East Coast may be having a mild winter, but the West Coast sure as h#ll is not. I do not mind the weather though :)

  • MOVE!

    I just moved out of an HOA controlled condo. The rental agreement was huge and included no flags, BBQ's, large plants on your deck, how many people could visit in your dwelling and for how long, where you parked, etc., etc. Their "property" and their rules. The rent was high and the BS deep so I moved. Problem solved.

  • Going On for Years...

    This has been going on for years. I worked with a group back in the early to mid 90's that gathered food and clothes and went to major centers of homeless and passed stuff out. This was in the Los Angeles area. We were constantly harassed by the police and eventually shut down. We never disrupted the peace, blocked traffic, damaged or defaced property, etc., etc. Just passed out food and clothes and moved on. It was a small mobile operation that worked well. We were achieving results without the state, thus we were a threat.

  • I Will Be There

    Myself and a few other people from the central / northern California crew that were there last time are going to show. I am coming in Friday night with a friend. A friend from another part of Nevada is also going to show. He was there last time too.

    Looking forward to a weekend of Liberty-n-Beer :)

  • Ride or Walk Almost Every Day

    I am lucky and live just under 2 miles from my work. I ride my bike or walk just about every day weather permitting. I have gotten to where I fill my gas tank about once a month. Also just got my motorcycle license and plan on using that option.

    I am in the outskirts of the Bay Area in California and the hippies out here are starting to make their own biodiesel. Might be something worth looking into.