• 8th District! You're Right

    Because he's a farmer and not just another pretty face. I voted for Frank Nicely....did my duty for Zach Poskevich as well..

  • Voting In Hawkins Co. (NE TN)

    Voting Zach for sure. Who's the Liberty candidate for TN State Senate? Senate district 7? Anybody know anything about Nicely?

  • Spent All Day Working Small NE TN Town of Rogersville

    It was only me, but worked like it was all up to me. From sign waving at 3 major intersections to covering 2 shopping plazas with slim Jim's on every windshield, and Super Brochures to every person I met. My campaigning also included door to door in a downtown neighborhood. I would estimate I personally talked to 75+ people...not one mentionrf being for Romney or Gingrich. There were a couple nods for Santorum because he had the momentum. There were the undecideds and the indifferents representing 30-40%. Hopefully the Super Brochures will swing some of these. . Of all the candidates Ron Paul was the most highly thought of, but too many were vulnerable to MSM conditioning. I spent a lot of time talking HOPE. I do feel it took with some. What fueled me and gave my 63 year old body the stamina to persevere was my belief in Dr. Paul and all the media misinformation about his campaign and chances of getting the nomination. I still envision a miracle of destiny. It keeps me believing that our efforts will achieve a glorious outcome. I will be back out in the morning at 6:00. Together with the passionate couple working the north end of the county (?and their 3 Ron Paul lovin' little boys) we're hoping to see at least 20% for Ron Paul in Hawkins County.


    Yes! Tennessee For Ron Paul!

  • Understanding Scofield's Influence Is Big Time Important To Us

    We need to stir up these threads on Scofield, Left Behind Theology, Tim LaHaye, and Israel First foreign policy. If America understood, we'd have a Ron Paul Presidency.

  • LEFT BEHIND Christian Fundamentalists And Neocon Foreign Policy

    I am a Christian, but I cringe at the inhumane influence Tim LaHaye's writings and political organizations have on America's "Israel First" GOP warmongers.

  • I Like It!

    It could certainly clarify the difference between isolation and intervention. We know Dr. Paul's international appeal is huge. Most voters would be closer to calling him a nationalist candidate. At least that's my take. Your idea could change that.

  • Roger That!!!!!

    This would expose the system as well. Their corruption can't be tolerated any longer'. This would be as timely a move as I can imagine!!


    Other than us, is there anyone who cares about vote fraud? If their candidate is not effected, we're dismissed as whiners.

  • Well spoken Sister!

    Your message certainly resonates with me! I've experienced many of the same changes in my thinking as you have. Dr. Paul models the kind of Christianity God would honor in all of us. Transformation is an inside job. It can't be legislated or coerced. Dr Paul is my modern day hero. Wouldn't it be great if our kids had such an incorruptible hero as President?

  • For Me, It First began With Rush

    ....through Listening to Rush I became interested in libertarian ideas, then a Libertarian. I went to 2 national Libertarian Conventions. It was not Long before I graduated to the man who embodied all I had come to believe in...RON PAUL. I've wondered for several years what happened to Rush. It had all been a very natural progression from Rush to liberty to libertarianism to Ron Paul. I cannot stomach any of the neocon spinheads any more. It's very clear the have sold out and Ron Paul has shown himself to be incorruptibly solid. He exemplifies the Christian ideals I hold dear more than any living man I know.

  • We Get 200, I'm In

    Good idea if we can do it within hours of reaching our quota. I love LL Bean...they're my favorite shirts...Wearing one Now.



  • My 86 Year Old Mother

    Tennessee's premier senior Ron Paul supporter. Today she went campaigning for Dr. Paul at a Tri-cities Convention Center. She walked the whole show floor with her Ron Paul sign inviting people to vote for Dr. Paul. She also helped man the booth. I was so proud of her! Now she's ready to walk Main Street with a sign and go door to door with me passing out Super Brochures.

    This is not just a new interest. She voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and has been keeping up with Dr. Paul in the News ever since. When People see an 86 year old out campaigning alongside college students, it's not a visual soon forgotten. Hopes are they'll remember it all the way to the voting booth.

  • Living A Few Miles From VA

    Live in Tri-cities area of TN. Have wbeen working a show the last 3 Days to promote Ron Paul. I was thinking of working on up through Super Tuesday in TN. After reading this I'm not sure. What should be my priority? VA?? Or where I live in TN?

  • Is Florida A Swing State or Closed State?

    Thought Florida was a closed state, winner takes all. Did I hear Sen Davis Say delegates would be split?


    TN voter here BigT. I'm open to hearing more about her. Are you registered to vote in TN?

  • President Eisenhower

    Did he expose the military Industrial Complex? Or was he a tool? OR was it his being a tool that made him wary enough to warn the American people at his farewell speech?


    Now we,re getting somewhere! I love these epiphanies. This is better. Than the classroom.


    In 1938, prior to the war, Chamberlain shows up on Hitler's doorstep and signed an agreement! along with France and Italy, leading to nazi Germany's annexation of a section of Czechoslovakia inhabited by ethnic German's.

    Czechoslovakia was not represented and agreements with her were broken to avoid war with Hitler. From this vantage point Hitler invades Czechoslovakia. Historians say Chamberlain could have prevented this incursion. He was considered weak. Could he have stopped Hitler's aggresions and WWII or not? What would Ron Paul have done?

    If Ron Paul's peace loving spirit is reminding some of Chamberlain, how do we persuade them otherwise?