• The Bath Water May Be Dirty

    But don't toss the infant with the bath water. You must also realize there is a free market for lies and people adept at lie marketing are only giving people what they asked for.

    A carrot may be healthier than chocolate, but sometimes people just want candy. What would happen if an old lady shoved a carrot in the face of a child attempting to buy a candy bar at the local store?

  • Hubris

    Would you like another serving of Condescension with your Hubris?

  • Anyone Notice?

    The same people who are the biggest war mongers in pushing to attack Syria are also the same people who are trying to disarm us? What a 'compassionate' bunch. LOL.

  • You know its really bad

    When even Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain are staying out of it.

  • They love Molech

    who must eat your children. You see... it really is about 'the children'. Molech just really has a taste for the 'other other white meat' apparently.

  • That is true

    we all have choices..sometimes it may be between a rock and a hard place..

    Pretty much.

  • The decision to come and the decision to remain

    The people who came here from somewhere else have all assimilated and become Americans. The ones who did not retained their ethnic identity in their homeland.

    The Jewish minorities *outside* of America never assimilated with their host countries and people beyond a limited degree. It is these, mostly European and Russian Jews, who led Zionism towards a state in Palestine.

    Zionism goes way back in time, but only really gained traction in the end of the 19th century and then in a major way after WW2. In total, 3,620,586 Jews made Aliyah and immigrated to Israel, becoming Israeli citizens.

    Of the more than 3.6 million Jews who moved to Israel, only 103,394 of them came from the USA. This paltry 103k immigrants from the USA went to Israel over a 100 year period of time.

    There are probably more Israelis who have come to America. I need to find figures for that.

    There are close to 6 million Jewish Americans. When you count the number of people who do not identify as Jewish, but who have Jewish ancestry, the number is vastly larger.

    What does this say? In places where Jews could not assimilate either because the host prevented it or they themselves prevented it, they remained nationalistic, took up the cause of Zionism (especially after intense period of persecution), and moved to Israel.

    They are tribal nationalists in Israel. Like any nation based on a cultural/linguistic/religious group. The whole purpose of Zionism and Israel is to retain cultural hegemony over a set piece of land.

    In this way, they are like a classic European country. This tribalism is not compatible with America.

    Americans Jews represent something very different and to equate American Jews with Zionism is totally false since Zionism involves support of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine and a REAL Zionist would move to Israel to be with their people.

    Jewish Americans are Americans like any American who came from somewhere else or was already here. If they wanted to be Israelis, they would be in Israel. People who don't go to Israel and instead live out their whole lives in America... are NOT Zionists. They obviously prefer American culture and civilization to being an ethnic nationalist and living on a blood soaked piece of worthless sand.

  • Why not peaceful trade?

    Rather than having a Petrodollar and gaming the price of oil through all these intervention... we could just buy it at market price. If the market price turns out to be $200 per barrel, then plenty of people will switch to cheaper alternatives.

    The market has been injured twice by government. First when it manipulates oil prices and second where it forces all the suppliers to route their supplies through its crony banking system.

    Don't blame the victim.

  • Iran and Syria are Military Allies

    Syria has had a mutual defense pact with Iran for a very long time which involved Iran sending advisors, revolutionary guard units and weapon systems to Syria.

    If Syria is bombed and a military target is selected, there is a good chance Iranians will die.

    The US is attempting to taunt Iran into a war by attacking their ally and forcing them to honor their pact with Syria, rather than directly bombing them.

    As soon as Iran enters the fray, there will be the ability for the US to bomb Iran.

    This situation turns on what Turkey does. Will they go against Syria and Iran or will they stay out of it more or less? What is happening between US and Turkish officials behind closed doors? If the Turkish government does get involved, what are the chances that the Turkish people will revolt? Also, Turkey is located right next to Russia geographically...

  • Elected?

    No. It is an autocratic regime. Bashir inherited power from his father, Hafez.



    The 'elections' in Syria have been rigged for a long time. Just like in Egypt. The Assad family are never out of power in Syria just like Mubarak of Egypt held elections and never lost.

    It is a Ba'ath party pan-arab socialist authoritarian regime run by the country's shi'ite alawite minority.

    The 'rebels' are imported mercenary and religious extremist fighters (Al Quaeda).

    Its like Iraq and all these other middle eastern countries. Best to leave them all alone and try peaceful trade and non-intervention. Otherwise, we will spend money and cause lots of people to die for nothing. If these countries change for the better, it won't happen with outside interference. That only makes the situation worse.

  • I should have clarified

    I meant those voters of the neoconservative persuasion who are not in positions of government authority. Officials will be cheerleaders, of course, but their flock is not following this time.

  • He could teach

    students to earn a degree in Lie Marketing.

  • The Guns of August

    The Russians would never risk war with our great Austrian Empire and its German allies over the invasion of an insignificant nation like Serbia!

  • This is so far beyond the pale

    that even most neoconservatives are against this war.

  • You're Right

    I'm personally very pleased with this. I hope he continues along these lines.

  • And for that to happen...

    The federal government must not be allowed to 'interpret' the very framework that gives them legitimacy/authority and use their own obviously biased interpretation to increase their own power. Conflict of interest. It is plainly written and speaks for itself.

  • Umm...

    Since I find myself in total agreement with Dmitry Rogozin, we must be in the Twilight Zone.

    This guy knows what he is talking about from personal experience...

    But Rogozin, who used to head a popular nationalist political party and now oversees Russia’s military industrial complex...

    Commented about that here.

  • Monument

    I hope I live to see such a change in attitude in this country that people demand that the Lincoln monument be torn down. Judging by the ahistorically craptastic propaganda garbage belched forth from the film industry, I'm not holding my breath.

    If he was alive today, the SPLC and AlSharptonCorp would be attacking him constantly for being a huge racist.

  • No Interest

    Wizard of Oz
    1. Silver is good. (slippers)

    2. Gold standard leads to fiat money. The yellow brick road leads to the emerald city.

    3. Emerald City = Fiat money (very bad and a lie)

    Possible Monetary Systems:
    (a) Public/Private Central Bank (i.e. the FED) = Totalitarian; Merger of State and Corporate Power

    (b) State Central Bank (i.e. Communist Countries) = Totalitarian; Centrally Planned Economy

    (c) Government Prints Fiat Money w/o Central Bank (Lincoln, Hitler) = Totalitarian; National Socialism

    (d) Money Emerges Naturally in Market (Anarchy or Limited Govt) = Individual Liberty; Free Market

    Those who are asking for Greenbacks are asking to give a monopoly on money creation to Congress and in a collectivist fashion. This is totalitarian, national socialist economics that is completely against individual liberty, the free market, and private property.

    At least allowing Congress to regulate the value of a dollar versus a hard commodity like gold put some restraint on them and protected private property because one could save gold and if the dollars inflated, it would not hurt them.

    Greenbacks represent the exact place where the populists who support them do not agree with the libertarians who favor private money. If the populist-libertarian movement fails, it will be over issues of economics and money.

  • Electronics

    Back during the 1980s when the USSR was still around, they released a new fighter called the MiG-29. Judging only by appearances at the time, it looked pretty formidable. I remember people who studied such things at the time saying reassuring things like "The Russian may have designed a plane with great aerodynamics and maneuverability, but they are so far behind on electronics and stealth technology that it doesn't matter. They are no threat.

    The USSR collapses and the electronics industry moves to Asia. The Russian Federation can now move its electronics systems and stealth technology forward by light years. This is a feat that would have been hard to conceive during the time of the USSR.

    More than two decades have passed. The United States has turned its army into a replica of the old British colonial forces of a century ago. It is spread out all over the world with its light 'special forces' that rely on friendly air supremacy. In fact, taking air supremacy for granted is the cornerstone upon which all US military tactics rely.

    The US government has spent the country to the brink of monetary and economic collapse. They have signed agreement after agreement which has ceded sovereignty to global entities and exported key industrial assets overseas.

    They have squandered all global goodwill with decades of war crimes and financial manipulations that have brought down whole countries. They have incited rebellion and vastly increased global instability. This administration was really the hope destroyer. Some in the world and some in the USA just thought it was Bush. Now, they are awake and protesting NSA spying in the streets. The list of nations who are closely aligned with the USA is dwindling.

    The national prestige and reputation as well as internal national stability has been totally thrown into chaos.

    In this scenario, the US will provoke war with Russia? Russia, the place where Snowden took asylum? Russia who is fat off over a decade of a booming commodities market? Russia who has technologically caught up to the USA and has newer heavy equipment?

    This makes zero sense unless the premise is that sociopaths are in control and playing a game of destroy the whole world just to watch it burn. Nobody could be this foolish. This can no longer be chalked up to ignorance. It is malice, pure and simple.