• This shows how corrupt Amerika has become

    The fact that Ron Paul is not mainstream or the norm is a sad fact.

  • A Frog in a pot of water

    will not jump out if the water is brought to a boil slowly...

  • By 2012...

    When a new President is sworn in, we'll know if America was really listening right here right now. People watching the debate knew that Ron Paul is telling the truth but they are so afraid of the status quo changing that I don't think Ron Paul will win the Presidency even tho I still support Ron Paul. Just like the problems currently causing violent riots in Greece, they did not come about overnight. It's these little moment of ignorance and thinking that it will never happen to us that society always fall into disorder. The entire system is held together by confidence right now, once that goes...

  • False flag

    You don't want that much media attention on a false flag operation.


  • Do most people still watch CNN?

    I like to watch the news once every now and then to remember what it was like being brainwashed. Now I just watch with amazement at the blithering idiots who have no idea what's going on and just doing their jobs reading the teleprompter. When you wake up, lies on the MSM are very obvious. Santorum has 4% over Ron Paul, hehe, classic, thank you CNN for giving me a belly ache.

  • The kids are to blame

    The whole idea behind Ron Paul and individual liberty is to take care of your damn selves and not let government do it for you, even if you are stupid. He can't help it if they thought it was icing sugar. For once people need to take responsibility for their own actions. The kids took heroin by their own free will, nut up and take responsibility. Dish detergent is just as poisonous as heroine but you don't need government to regulate their use do you?

  • Talk is cheap

    Anyone fooled again by empty promises from the same person should get their head checked.

  • SS out in full force

    The police actually think that people's non-compliance immediately grants them the right to physically abuse people. Amazing.

  • They can smell it a mile away

    Ron Paul is not an idealist. He seems like an idealist because America has lost its way. People have stopped taking responsibility for their own behavior and decisions. The young people that have woken up can smell bulls***, pandering, and posturing a mile away by the insiders of Washington. They flock to Ron Paul because he's not corrupt. The lobbyists in Washington don't even bother going by his office.

  • They took this offline!

    Don't think it's coming back...

  • If not now, when?

    When Obama doesn't bring the troops home and says the "war on terror" continues without Bin Laden, I wonder how many Americans are going to wake up? I have my money on very few...

  • You don't need a paragraph

    Change you can believe in, without Obama, Democrats, or Republicans. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Right...

    Huge government deficits are usually paid off by currency devaluation. He failed to see the collapse of the biggest housing bubble in history, so you best be protecting yourself for the worst hyperinflation since the Weimar Republic.


  • No...

    It has nothing to do with how much Goldline is selling metals above spot. You call them and they know immediately how much you know about the precious metals market, then they go in for the kill. They try to push the rare coins first and then if that doesn't work, will start peddling other collectibles. I know because I've called them before. Always doing my own due diligence, I knew better than to buy from Goldline. Knowing Goldline's sales tactics, anybody promoting Goldline on national television should know better.

  • Uh...

    No one commenting on this thread is surprised by any of this right?...Listening to Glenn Beck for investment advice is like asking Ben Bernanke for real estate advice in 2007. Do your own damn homework. If you cannot see Glenn Beck for the tool that he is for the establishment, maybe that's why Obama got elected? No one actually believed that "Change you can believe in" crap did they?

  • What a load of s***

    All this political double speak and he never mentions OIL. Kinetic military action? HA! US going down a road that won't end well indeed.

  • Of course

    Like a spoiled child that's never gotten a spanking, of course the US military will get out of control with unconditional support. Show them their place by doing what you Americans did during the Vietnam War and I'll bet they think twice before collecting someone's finger as a souvenir. The US government has created a culture where if you didn't support the troops that you would be unpatriotic, absolutely ridiculous. If the US military has no shame, Americans should at least show some by putting the US military in their place.

  • Also...

    Knowing murderers like these are in the US military and the Abu Ghraib scandal are reasons why I got rid of my green card and said good bye to the US a few years ago. When your soldiers who represent your foreign policy start posing and playing with dead bodies, watch out. The future for your country is dire. Don't like what your country has turned into? Leave and find greener pastures. There is no rule that says you have to live and die where you are born. Bring your freedom seeking talents elsewhere.

  • HA!

    And Americans wonder why foreigners hate their government and military forces. This is proof of how lawless the US empire has become and how fast they are losing their alliances. The Chinese military looks at these photos and think fucking damn the US military is lawless. When the dollar crashes and leads to the collapse of the Empire in the next few years, it sure will feel lonely. Ahh, a country that never considers or apologizes for it's foreign military aggression, like a man too proud to apologize for his mistakes, this is gonna end well...

  • The Roman Army

    The Roman Army was loathed by all before Rome collapsed...when the people finally run out of patience and sympathy and compassion magically comes back, then the torches and pitchforks will come out...