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    troll for sure

  • I have a suggestion

    We know what questions FOX will be asking the candidates that they have included in the upcoming NH debates. The Ron Paul Revolution is very strong online so I suggest recording a video of Dr. Paul answering the same questions that were given to the other Repubican candidates. It's true that Dr. Paul won't be thinking on his feet if he were asked the same questions, but we Ron Paul supporters know where he stands on the issues. We then upload this video on youtube for access to all voters. There are alot of ways to go around the MSM.

  • Classic MSM tactic

    This is standard protocol when MSM puts out a smear campaign against a presidential candidate like Dr. Paul. Their plan all along was to smear him in MSM and then put a retraction out later to confuse voters who don't know much about Dr. Paul's views.

  • I second that

    Yes, Dr. Paul's views on monetary policy are more in line with Ludwig von Mises than Milton Friedman. Several books by Dr. Paul concering freedom and the gold standard can be purchased at mises.org.

  • hmm

    Did you watch the entire 3 part video where John Perkins said the US government collaborated with the Saudi government? Not saying it was not an inside job, just saying there were other governments involved.

  • uh John Perkins?

    I am a Ron Paul supporter and 911 was not an inside job in the sense that it was planned by the US government. John Perkins who was an economic hit man (EHM) for the US government for 10 years gives an insider view on it.


    Dr. Paul is very much into finding the truth, but don't be so quick to jump to conclusions about his convictions. Watch the 3 part John Perkins video and think critically for yourself.

  • you need to do some research

    hmm...no media conspiracy, that's a new one...how could the government push their agenda if the mass media didn't go along? Maybe do some research about the Bilderberg group.


  • about conspiracies

    Conspiracies are ideas where you have to do your own fact checking and have the courage to believe in. Men fear the unknown. He knows if he steps out of the social norm he might be ostracized. He's afraid if he is labeled a conspiracy theorist he will be an outcast and no one wants to eat lunch with him. However, with your thirst to pursue the truth and to see things for what they are, conspiracies turn into truths that have been hidden from you. If you work hard in finding the truth, you can back up most conspiracies with evidence. For a clearer view on United States foreign policy and their implications, look no further than John Perkins who used to be an economic hit man (EHM) for the United States. These are two of his books for those interested.

    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2005)

    The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption (2007)

    Part 1 of 3