• It's not just Endgame

    I am including an explination sheet, links, (Back-up to Lee Iacocca's book and quotes - "Martial law in a year"), description lables on the DVDs and a 2nd random DVD on police state or material regarding to the loss of rights. Freedom to fascism just didnt carry long term for me. It lacks the "where to go now". ENDGAME says - listen to infowars.com daily to keep up on what's going on, research "Bilderberg" and Jim Tucker. The halfway point of ENDGAME is pretty clear. I've already tested it on friends and co-workers with good results.
    One small purpose is to get Alex on the local radio here. Right now on the show is Robert Gaylon Ross discussing in detail the 1929 stock market crash and the manipulation on our society today. Please listen to the show now. I learned about Ron Paul through this medium and want to expose this to others.

    A better version on the central banks is another free non copyrite work called Monopoly Men which I am including, Look for it in the other videos section at infowars.com.
    Some people like football and others like airplanes. What works for one may have no effect on another - thus the TWO dvd's I include. I'm not going to jail so Im not including Freedom to Fascism. Copyrites dont have to be updated. I did sign-up but you still have to buy the DVD's which I did.
    I'm sticking with my main plan unless I get donations to pay for the Freedom to Fascism, then in that case I will include that too!

    I guess my problem is I lived in Texas most my life where the NWO or global plan is out there in the open for those to put 2&2 together plus I never had cable TV so it was easier to learn the truth.

  • I appreciate the help and advice!

    Thanks for the $$!!
    Please dont forget about us in S. Dakota! Our primary is next and we can follow the sucess of my home state of NE!!

    And thank you for the advice but the reason I choose ENDGAME because it's one of the few that allows you to mass copy without breaking the law and there is a bibliography available for those who need more evidence. Not only that but several references are cited.
    I agree freedom to fascism is the best intro film but you have to buy those yet I did give out 50 authorized copies on the 15th.
    The other Alex Jones one I like is Terror Storm which exposes OK City and the London bombings. That one reminds us that in OKC (I was in Dallas so I saw the news most didnt see) - that there were indeed other bombs in the building - reported that they were found and the ATF took the day off but then it was all forgotton. Why? People need to become familiar to the word Pretext as I won't be doing follow-up DVD distributions so I got to gamble up here. SOuth Dakota is a lot less urban than Dallas was so people here already are in opposition with Washington (except for the fools in Brookings who like Daschle).

    I just saw another film on Monsanto and the GMO food problem, that really opened my eyes and I may seek permission to copy that one for this project as it will tie in the fact that we do have the power if we vote by the products we use and that more people will start to question their local leaders.

    I will also consider including a slip to direct people to buy Ron Paul's new book as well.
    Please continue to send funds as only two have contributed.

  • We take supplies too.

    If you have dvd's to pass out that will work as well. You could also mail them to us. Contact me at zappatx@yahoo.com
    Blank DVD's and sleeves would also be nice.

  • Organic Fertilizer

    Also you can save money and increase vitality with this organic fertilizer. I paid $6 per quart which covers the whole garden.

  • Im in S. Dakota

    But from Texas (lived there for 18 years).
    Im willing to go down if you could suggest the one place that could use the most help.
    Give me a list.

    (Moved to S. Dakota) P.S. The Dakotas is the real Gods country!! Great people, low taxes, no gun laws, you name it.. Last state to be effected from any mass hysteria yet to come..

  • That is correct! Lasko

    That is correct!
    Lasko Marta!!
    She was silenced for 20 years after making these songs.

    This is tha actual song that got her banned:
    Marta Kubišová - Modlitba pro Martu

  • Shame on all of you!

    I say shame on all Ron Paul supporters for keeping your cable and Dish network TV systems..
    Get rid of that stuff now and your life improves 100% anyhow...

    Shame of you!

  • Sounds good

    That's fine if there is a nuclear terrorist attack so long as we the people know it was done just to trick us via CIA operatives.

  • 5% yeah right!

    5% may use that maching but 1/2 the country uses those ballot readers. Why?
    What we need is a few countys to have 100 people show up with axes and just destroy all of them. I'd go to jail for a day for that.

  • "one of these days"

    They'll have to be fighting on both sides of the Potomac. Use the Bush Tax welfare checks to arm yourselves... "Oops, we thought we could get away with this one!!"

  • Order!

    This needs to be bumped up. best canvassing tool yet plus needs to be posted in every breakroon, dental office, toilet and waiting room.

  • Read if you havent!

    Most important issue people!!

  • Who did the nice billboard

    Who did the nice billboard just east of Denton on 380??

  • I support the troops now as

    I support the troops now as I did years ago when I voted for Bush.
    I learned real quick I was a fool to support this so called War. if it was really a war we would have cleared out the area but it's just like many have said here, an action or a test to see how easily they can pull the wool over our eyes while securing contracts for security companies over here, and excuse to make the Dept. of Homeland security and for the central bank to fund the lush Cheney resorts over there.

    Then I was fooled that these terrorists wanted us dead and now that that's just a NWO plan and they openly admit it, at least I now see clearly that we need to support the troops because their training and endurance will be needed here when Americans are moved into internment camps once all projects are set in place.
    The 17 year olds going over there have no idea what's going on and their parents are too busy with the football game to be involved in this survival game... If they dont have their families they will need our support.
    Anybody follow me???

  • A MUST watch no matter what

    This video should be worth college credit. I took economics when they did explain this but I doubt this now. At least watch the forst 1:30 in one sitting. or turn it up while you work on your taxes or small business.

  • Good idea

    I think this is a wonderful idea but there are very few Jewish people in my area so I am debating to going to the only Synagauge in town but dont want to get in trouble putting these on cars. Any ideas??
    Now Florida would be a hit with this. I the Jewish people I know are more loyal to this country and I think it's the Christians who become obsessed with the idea most Jewish people have this "Israel First" way of thinking when that's not accurate at all.

  • Other suggestions

    You need communications equip. Ham Radio operators were on the internet ining 145 MHZ links years before you had access. Also HF bands are almost empty and CW - (morse code) is easy to learn.
    Get you Ham Radio ticket ASAP and have a radio station ready to roll. Communications is also a skill that can be bartered.

    If there is time you should try to relocate to lessor efffected populated areas such as Pierre, SD, etc. People in the Dakotas can hunt and fish to survive year round.

    Speaking of the Dakotas, no other place could you afford to get off the grid. Land is cheap. Wind power is everywhere and organic gardens are easy to produce. Start thinking what you would do if they shut off your natural gas or electricity.

    A pilots licence would also be a plus incase you are in a more populated area and need to bug out.

    If you have a house w/ crawlspace have a tunnel so you can escape when they start going door to door.

    Frequent www.infowars.com and listen to Alex Jones to keep up.

  • When is the next one?

    I would think if NBC would do one theu would be more harsh on McCain of anyone. I look forward to that.

    Also those ugly smirks of McCain shows a false confidence and that alone would be a turn-off. Hope it works against him..
    As for me it SUCKS to have the came last name as that bastard!

  • Where is the post debate

    Is there a link to the post debate??

  • How??

    How do you send the message?