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Citywide Alex Jones DVD Endgame hand out - Chip in help needed

we are handing out sets of Infowars DVD's to every house in Sioux Falls, SD (150,000 people). Could you imagine the results? It's a great way to wake people up to the New World Order and the damage done.
Please help me to get this job done.
All DVD's have lables directing people to infowars and Ron Paul websites. South Dakota is the last primary and we will have the highest % of Ron Paul votes. There is a LOT of support here but we are not stopping.


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Czech Ron Paul fan's theme song.

Thought you may like this one to go with what Ron Paul means to us in the US.

Ring O Ding by the legend and immortal singer Marta Kubišová!!


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Ron Paul - "Bad" because he wants to limit Government?

I just saw this fresh article from University of California. He states that cutting Government services as if they really are services should stop you in your tracks to vote fro Paul.
Please comment in the article (tab in upper right corner) as college students are likely to see this one.

Titled: Voters Should Stall For Voting Ron Paul

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New AOL Presidential Poll

Ron needs help in this new poll!! Especially Florida, NY, and SC.
Let's show them again!