• No further expanation about this being a good thing needed.

    It is a VERY GOOD THING.

    I just came back from Ukraine where I spent two weeks.

    I have a very good friend who lives with her mother in Lugansk - city currently surrounded by Ukrainian artillery and mortar fire. Hundreds of people have been killed in the street just for living there.

    I paid to have my friend and her mother relocated for at least the time being to Kiev where they will be safe, for now. I am renting them an apartment for a month.

    They don't know if the apartment they own, or the building it is in, will be there if and when they are able to return to Lugansk.

    Once a thriving city, Lugansk is now a ghost town, with few people, no water, no electricity and nothing to find in the stores to eat (those few stores that remain open).

    The military is killing civilians indiscriminately. And hundreds of military people are abandoning their posts. Yet the US is firmly behind the Ukrainians and this entire action.

    I am glad to see this video.

  • He is the ONLY world leader to stand up to the NWO though he

    might be waning a little over Ukraine.

    He has been fully scapegoated and unjustly accused of causing an uprising that is really a natural reaction to the US sponsored coup d'état that overthrew Ukraine's (more popular than supposed) duly elected President.

    The world has hit him on all levels with all sorts of demonization including ridiculous sanctions not designed to change his behavior because the behavior supposedly targeted doesn't exist, but is really designed to remove him from power altogether.

    I have many friends in the rebellious eastern part of Ukraine, and they wish he would come to their aid. Putin seems slightly paralyzed lately but at least that seems to be the only effect the NWO has had. And it isn't for lack of trying.

    Still, I absolutely agree that he is one of the greatest (perhaps THE greatest) world leader of our time.

  • Biggest problem for Libertarians is the attitude:

    "FINE. I'm right. You're wrong. And I don't care what you think. I'll do it my way and let you jerks do it your way!"

    The same personality that embraces individualism regarding rights, doesn't quite get it that some degree of collectivism is required to win a democratic election.

    The little kid who says "Play football by MY rules or I am taking my ball and going home!" doesn't get to win many games when every other kid has a ball too. He has to compromise.

  • Cheney is the LEAST charismatic guy on the planet.

    How he ever won a Congressional Seat, how he ever married, how his mom never left him under a rock, I will never know.

    How he became Vice President I DO know. They had George W. as the silly acrobatic monkey putting on a show for Cheney as the organ grinder.

    Nobody ever looks at the organ grinder when the monkey is jumping about and making everyone laugh.

  • The Revolution IS Being Televised.

    We are turning the Republican Party inside out just like we planned.

    Its natural of course. Up till now the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat was that Republicans are a little meaner and they hate poor people a little more.

    Can't get too confident of course but victory for us is fathomable.

    If we had gone Libertarian (with a capital L) we would still never be taken seriously.

  • Imagine what would have happened if Rand had dissented.

    The bill would have passed anyway and Rand would have lost vital support.

    Is that how a clever politician plays the game?

  • When (not if) the Yellowstone Volcano blows it will make

    Mount St Helen's look like a friendly Christmas candle in comparison.

  • I used to think that people who criticized the MSM were

    nitpickers. The media can't satisfy everyone, I reasoned.

    But when I saw the way the media not only overlooked, but blatantly blacked out, Dr. Paul I was appalled.

    Knowing a LOT about what's really happening in Ukraine, that isn't just being missed by the media, but deliberately misrepresented only drove the point home.

    And the awareness of how the press picks political candidates and then guides the people to think that these candidates were THEIR choices, made it worse.

    And the realization that we will never see a dead body on the battlefield, American or other. And we will never see the direct after effects of a drone strike. Each of these obviously to sanitize wars and make them more acceptable. Nobody want to horrify the American people just because it is US who is responsible for most of the death and destruction. Just lifts the understanding even higher.

    But because ALL the networks do it on the same issues, whether the network is liberal or conservative, its clear that SOMEBODY is controlling all of this very deliberately.

    Our press is no more free and honest than N. Korea's is.

  • Come on fellas. We covered this once before in another thread.

    Its very simple.

    If the US cuts aid to the Palestinians, then Israel will be obligated to spend billion of dollars of their own money, to provide basic necessities to the Palestinians.

    And Israel sure doesn't want to have to spend its own money.

    THATS why Israel and all organizations Jewish don't want this measure passed.

  • I hate when I "thing".

    It hurts my head.

  • Its very professionally done but I don't see the point.

    I have never observed the problem nor do I relate to the solution.

  • "Too much DP is bad for you too!"?????

    Since the subject IS porn, you should be aware that IN porn DP has an entirely different meaning than Daily Paul. And too much is probably bad for you.

    Not that I know any of this first hand of course.....

  • This guy hasn't been active since 2010.

    So what brought this to the forefront?

  • If you do this in your kitchen with frozen bottles/ice you make

    in your freezer in the same room be aware that you are producing heat in the back of your freezer to counter any cooing effect you are getting in front.

  • It means we are at stage Three. Bring on stage Four!!!!

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Gandhi

    We've BEEN ignored. (News blackouts where the mainstream pretended we didn't even exist.)

    We've BEEN laughed at. (Over and over and over again. Do the words "looney" or "tin foil hat" come to mind?)

    NOW THEY ARE FIGHTING US. (Cheney wouldn't have even wasted breath on us four years ago.).

    NEXT WE WIN!!!!! (Bring it on.)

  • Before the Obama, Romney race, I read somewhere that 70%

    of all Americans were against any more war. And of those people 80% considered it "deal breaker" meaning that if given a choice they would absolutely NOT vote for a pro-war President.

    A little quick math tells us that 80% of 70% equals 56% of the general population.

    In other words 56% of the general population if given a serious choice would absolutely vote NOT for a pro war President, regardless of other issues.

    That says that if either the Democrats or the Republicans had offered us an true anti-war President he would have won.

    Obama sounds anti-war sometimes, but people knew by then it was only rhetoric. he had certainly not ended the wars as he had promised, and he had bombed Libya during his first four years.

    Romney was unabashedly prowar.

    So the single issue that would have given either mainstream candidate a victory was completely ignored.

  • What psy op is intended to teach people that they cannot trust

    their government?

    THAT is the overall message Snowden brings. And NO government hoping for control uses that message, that they cannot be trusted.

    If anything this video is a psy op designed to discredit Snowden.

  • When did the judge's hair get brown?

    Wasn't it very very grey before?

  • You DO understand of course that I was clear Ron Paul is better,


    And the same goes for Rand. You got that too right?

    So that puts Kucininch against everyone that ISN'T Rand or Ron Paul and of that population (those who aren't Ron or Rand Paul) I prefer Kucinich.

  • I would vote for Kucinich for President over anyone except Ron

    or Rand Paul.

    I'd have to think hard about whether or not I would support him over Gary Johnson.