• Come on fellas. We covered this once before in another thread.

    Its very simple.

    If the US cuts aid to the Palestinians, then Israel will be obligated to spend billion of dollars of their own money, to provide basic necessities to the Palestinians.

    And Israel sure doesn't want to have to spend its own money.

    THATS why Israel and all organizations Jewish don't want this measure passed.

  • I hate when I "thing".

    It hurts my head.

  • Its very professionally done but I don't see the point.

    I have never observed the problem nor do I relate to the solution.

  • "Too much DP is bad for you too!"?????

    Since the subject IS porn, you should be aware that IN porn DP has an entirely different meaning than Daily Paul. And too much is probably bad for you.

    Not that I know any of this first hand of course.....

  • This guy hasn't been active since 2010.

    So what brought this to the forefront?

  • If you do this in your kitchen with frozen bottles/ice you make

    in your freezer in the same room be aware that you are producing heat in the back of your freezer to counter any cooing effect you are getting in front.

  • It means we are at stage Three. Bring on stage Four!!!!

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Gandhi

    We've BEEN ignored. (News blackouts where the mainstream pretended we didn't even exist.)

    We've BEEN laughed at. (Over and over and over again. Do the words "looney" or "tin foil hat" come to mind?)

    NOW THEY ARE FIGHTING US. (Cheney wouldn't have even wasted breath on us four years ago.).

    NEXT WE WIN!!!!! (Bring it on.)

  • Before the Obama, Romney race, I read somewhere that 70%

    of all Americans were against any more war. And of those people 80% considered it "deal breaker" meaning that if given a choice they would absolutely NOT vote for a pro-war President.

    A little quick math tells us that 80% of 70% equals 56% of the general population.

    In other words 56% of the general population if given a serious choice would absolutely vote NOT for a pro war President, regardless of other issues.

    That says that if either the Democrats or the Republicans had offered us an true anti-war President he would have won.

    Obama sounds anti-war sometimes, but people knew by then it was only rhetoric. he had certainly not ended the wars as he had promised, and he had bombed Libya during his first four years.

    Romney was unabashedly prowar.

    So the single issue that would have given either mainstream candidate a victory was completely ignored.

  • What psy op is intended to teach people that they cannot trust

    their government?

    THAT is the overall message Snowden brings. And NO government hoping for control uses that message, that they cannot be trusted.

    If anything this video is a psy op designed to discredit Snowden.

  • When did the judge's hair get brown?

    Wasn't it very very grey before?

  • You DO understand of course that I was clear Ron Paul is better,


    And the same goes for Rand. You got that too right?

    So that puts Kucininch against everyone that ISN'T Rand or Ron Paul and of that population (those who aren't Ron or Rand Paul) I prefer Kucinich.

  • I would vote for Kucinich for President over anyone except Ron

    or Rand Paul.

    I'd have to think hard about whether or not I would support him over Gary Johnson.

  • I just spoke to my girlfriend living in Lugansk. She tells me

    that the shelling of the city began again last night at 3:00 and has continued since for 14 hours (they are 8 hours ahead of us).

    Ukraine's new US backed President issued a warning to all civilians in Lugansk, a city of 430,000, that if they don't leave the city the Ukraine military will kill all of them.

    Where can they go? She asks me.

    Her best friend, 23 and pregnant, lives in a city 15 km away and was hiding underground as the city is rocked by artillery fire.

    This is all supported by the Nazis in the Obama administration, who threatened the Yanukovych government that if the government took actions against its own people the US would impose sanctions against Ukraine and possibly use its military.

    But now that the US has staged its coup d'état, it is advising this same military as it ruthlessly kills all citizens in the East. And where is the news coverage?

  • Obama does not have the personality of Hitler. People do not

    rally around him like they did around Hitler.

    But the US government is every bit as state centered, domineering of the individual, other country conquering (through use of covert coup d'états) as the Third Reich ever dreamed of being.

    Remove the Aryan focus, and substitute the demonization and slaughter of Muslims for the demonization and murder of Jews, and you have a government that is very much like the Third Reich.

    The individual leader is not the same but the government certainly is.

  • Nation Conquering Isn't Done With Huge Militaries Anymore.

    It done with covert action like staged coup d'états as the US did in Kiev.

    And when you consider that the US has invaded far more nations and forced our will upon them than Hitler ever dreamed of.

  • Can't say I disagree.

    Everything the US has pulled in Ukraine is absolutely fascist.

    Even the new supposedly elected President has very little power. That was taken care of by changing the Constitution. The real power lies with the Prime Minister the US installed.

  • I am looking for a polite way to say that you are not smart

    enough to argue with.

    "if the people you know there were pro Russia……that’s what you would walk away with"

    So you are telling me that I am too stupid to think for myself? Like a leaf in the wind the wind I am blown around by what my friends think? Really?

    YOU might waver so easily, but I don't. I happen to have Ukrainian friends that are on both sides of this issue and I think for myself.

    YOU on the other hand have clearly determined a conclusion and are simply trying to make the facts fit. I don't agree with your conclusion so I must be easily swayed by my friends or I have a closed mind huh? Quite the contrary actually.

    There comes a point its time to stop arguing because the person you are arguing is either not bright enough to continue, or too stubborn to think rationally. We have reached that point and you match one of those situations.

    This debate is over. Strut if you like, like the pigeon does, but you have not won.

    The 25 down votes this thread has gotten ought to tell you something.


  • So eyewitnesses have closed and skewed minds? That's cheap


    Your entire thread is an attack on Putin. You do not have an open mind. You have a made up and misinformed mind, having been fed by the US government propaganda machine and having gladly consumed every bite.

    Unbelievable, you telling me that my first hand knowledge is skewed and the stuff you got from the boob tube is objective.

    Putin supposedly said of Obama that negotiating with him was like playing chess with a pigeon. He knocks all the pieces over and craps on the board, and then struts around as if he has won.

    Arguing with you on the internet is pretty much the same.

  • That absolutely is Mrs. Clinton. She is simply speaking with

    her Arkansas accent. Remember she lived in Arkansas and was married to the Governor of Arkansas.

  • The government Ukraine had was legitimate. It was voted in in

    2010 in an election closely monitored by international observers.

    It was corrupt, of course. But then every Ukrainian government has been corrupt, including the one that was installed by the US.

    I happened to be in Poltava in 2010 for Yanukovych's inauguration and I saw the enthusiasm people had as Yanukovych was being inaugurated. It was as much or more than you saw recently for Ukraine's new President.

    Yanukovych happened to lean toward Russia. A lot of Ukrainian's happen to lean toward Russia as well. Leaning toward trade with Russia resulted in a number of advantages, not the least of which was a great gas price.

    Being concerned with Liberty is great. Suggesting that Liberty is not possible with any government is arguable, but makes the subject moot for this discussion regarding Ukraine since nobody is talking about an option of not having a government there.

    Russia in general and Putin specifically are being pointed at by many today as cause of all problems. And I repeat Putin is largely a scapegoat. The most significant cause of problems in the world today is US foreign policy.