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I suggest that we all pledge solidarity with those who are peacefully occupying in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and other places around the world. These are our brothers and sisters.

The political process in the United States has been hijacked long ago by the same canker and corruption that the forefathers sought to rid us of. The one monster two party system is fundamentally rigged against the people.

Will your vote make much difference?

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Alex Jones discusses Ron Paul with Max Keiser

In this edition of "On the Edge" Max interviews Alex Jones from infowars.com.

He talks about Ron Paul's bid for 2012 presidential elections, and how the Main Stream Media fights against Ron Paul.


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China Bashing Even at Sovereign Man

"Simon Black" has a great web site and a great newsletter for those who not just want to End the Fed, but are just plain fed up with the Amerikan scene and just want to "get out before it's too damn late".


Simon usually is recommending South American countries for the fed-up expat.

But China is full of US expats. For good reason.

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Al Gore Declares World Soap Day

There is a recent article at Mises on the Milgram Experiment http://mises.org/daily/4675 which contained a reference to LaBoetie's classic Discourse on Voluntary Servitude http://tmh.floonet.net/articles/laboetie.html

I was reminded of Wolf De Voon's classic commentary from the now quite defunct Laissez Faire City Times (The Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 2, No 41, Dec. 7, 1998)

Wolf's statements on Liberty are extreme Anarcho-Libertarianism. They are reproduced here for your enjoyment and mine.

Al Gore Proclaims World Soap Day
by Wolf De Voon

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Major Event Right Now on R3voJution Broadcasting.com

Go there now RevolutionBroadcasting.com

"On August 15th, 2010 we will have a worldwide Radio-Marathon Show on with magnificent guests from the US and Europe.

Guests like: Sheriff Mack, Schaeffer Cox, Joe Bannister, Rick Adams, Jack McLamb, Mike Rivero, Charles Erwin, Larry Becraft, Bev Harris, Max Igan, Luke Rudowski, Jane Burgermeister and many others…

We will discuss all the current issues with the developing tyranny, global enslavement, build-up of police state and fascism not only in the US but all over the world!"

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Crushing the Backbone of War. Is it time?

"...don't let anybody** make you think that God chose America as his divine, messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment, and it seems that I can hear God saying to America, "You're too arrogant! And if you don't change your ways, I will rise up and break the backbone of your power, and I'll place it in the hands of a nation that doesn't even know my name. Be still and know that I'm God."

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Kick A$$ Tactics for the Good Guys - Robert X Johnson

Let's Face it. The Bad Guys have been in charge for a long long time and they have stacked the political system in such a way that it favours the perpetuation of the status quo.

Ok, ok. That's nothing new to those who have been awake the past 2 years or so.

In this video from the 2009 Midwest Liberty Fest, Parliamentarian Robert Xavier Johnson explores the underbelly of the political system and teaches us how to FIGHT BACK!!!



Video courtesy of Alex Rife at

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NAIS (National Animal ID) funding drops to Zero.

from Meatingplace.com:

The House Appropriations subcommittee that funds USDA and FDA programs announced a fiscal 2011 funding bill that would stop funding USDA's voluntary National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

"We have spent over $147 million on this program since 2004. And six years later, we still have not seen a clear plan from USDA on successful implementation, even after they shifted to a more fragmented system in 2010," said Subcommittee Chairman Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) in a statement. USDA had asked for $14.2 million for the program.

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Schaumburg fights Crook county Red Light Cameras - Roll Call Vote

Roll Call Vote with phone numbers posted at bottom. Give them a phone call if you have time.

from IL C4L
Posted by Scott D on 06/09/10 09:33 AM

The Village of Schaumburg is fighting back against the Cook County Board's recent decision to install 30 Red Light Cameras in Cook County and has released the roll call vote of board members from the June 1st meeting where the motion was passed.

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Why Obama is Killing Children In AfPak


Not because we use it in the US, but because control of it gives the US a strangle-hold on the economies of our economic rivals in Europe and Asia.

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RJ Harris Interview on RepublicMedia.TV Thursday Night 8 PM EST

Perhaps everyone here on the DP is familiar with RJ Harris. Scholarly, articulate, erudite, RJ is one of the foremost Liberty Candidates running for Congress (OK 4th District).

His opponent in the July 27 Oklahoma primary is RJ's Opponent in the 4th OK District is RINO Neocon Insider Tom Cole, two-time bailout supporter.

Cole voted for the Patriot Act, Warrantless Searches, Delegation of Congressional Authority to the Treasury, and Nancy Pelosi's Economic Stimulus Package. Cole is financially supported by Corporate Interests and Lobbyists.

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Rand Paul - $old Out to the Neocon$ervative Machine?

Has Rand Paul sold out to the Neocons? It sure looks like it from here.


Rand Paul Sez:

Leading United States Senate candidate Rand Paul today criticized the Obama administration’s decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center and try terrorism suspects in United States Civil Courts.