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Motivational email to all my Iowa Ron Paul people

Below is the email I will be sending to about 30+ Iowa co-workers/family/friends the morning of the caucus. All but a couple are definately Ron Paul people and the other couple are still undecided but leaning his way. Some of them appear not so motivated to go to the caucus or at least bring their wife (which irritates the he'll out of me). I thought maybe this would help get them out:

Okay, this is going to offend some of you, but that's what I do best (so oh well).

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Some Fishy Things I Saw Happened at the Straw Poll

1st: When we went in to get our ballots, two of the voting attendents were saying that they just stopped using the electronic machines. This was right around 12:00 when we voted. Were they using the Diebold machines first? Anybody here that voted in the morning? Why would they just stop using them at 12:00?

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North Iowa for Ron Paul at Clear Lake Iowa 4th of July Parade

Video of Ron Paul float and about 40 supporters from North Iowa for Ron Paul at the Clear Lake Iowa 4th of July parade. Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich were also part of the parade, but Ron Paul supporters vastly outnumbered theirs (even without Ron Paul being present). Thanks to jamesmillsIA, the other organizers and the dailypaul member that sent the infamous Ron Paul mini-blimp (drmikevasovski). This parade attracts many thousands of people and has included many high profile presidential candidates in recent years.


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IPhone Revealed to Track and Log User's Locations - Everywhere they Go!

You may not know where you're going in life, but you always know where you've been--and so does your iPhone. According to a story in The Guardian on Wednesday, the iPhone (and the 3G-enabled iPad) keeps a running log of its location and copies that information to your home computer whenever you connect to it. As such, the information--complete with latitude, longitude, and timestamps--can be easily reconstructed to show a person's movements.

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People, There is only one Topic we should be Discussing Today.

If you haven't heard yet, Iran has completely stopped using U.S. dollars for exchange of their oil. There are a couple other posts here already which I recommend reading, but there don't seem to be that many comments. This is HUGE news and should be the topic of all conversations here. I am completely convinced we went into Iraq for the exact same reason, and this is going to have MAJOR consequences. Six months ago I knew nothing about the fact the dollar's survival was based on oil transactions (until I saw a link to an article from the Daily Paul).