• who come to this website,

    who come to this website, duh...

  • How many other people own web

    How many other people own web design firms and know what it costs? None. Some dabble just like Michael does with this one website but nobody has the experience I bring to the table. I don't just make websites, I own a business. It isn't a freaking hobby. I am registered with the state. I don't do it to keep busy. What the heck do you do that makes you the job police? What great career do you call your own? I don't regret what I've said, I know I am accurate. I know what's required to maintain this one website. I maintain about 50. You focused on the back end costs that is just one element of what I was talking about. I'm talking about the whole thing, time, money resources. What he contributes is negligible. I'm going to guess the actual work he puts in is probably a few hours per month. Making comments isn't a job. He's a snake oil salesman, I'm just calling him out. He manipulated you and you bought it. That is a fact. When the old ladies holding their bibles come to my door I don't answer, I know their game. Just like I know Michael's. I have a feeling he isn't capable of holding a real job. He even mentioned it. I wouldn't be surprised your donation money went to his meds. This is the best thing he's every done in his life and he needs this gravy train to ride on for as long as it can.

  • All caps, what a tool. You

    All caps, what a tool. You are entitled if you donated. I am not entitled you are correct. But I would have to see the numbers to donate. For me it wasn't based on faith it was based on first hand knowledge of the business. It amazes me that I have been coming to this site for almost 5 years and I have one opinion and you all are ready to kick me in the teeth. All I did was question the actions of the owner. You all act like its a dictatorship and frankly I'm embarrassed by you people. Don’t agree that’s fine but you are so mean spirited and use such personal attacks. I really don’t think you are liberty minded. I think you are until someone disagrees with you and you become a lynch mob

  • I'm a stockholder in this

    I'm a stockholder in this community having been here since the beginning. It isn't a publicly traded company, there are no stockholders.

  • I'm not asking for any money,

    I'm not asking for any money, my disclosure isn't required. I only bring my experience. And I'm confident of what I'm saying to the point I could care less if you need to verify it. Take it or leave it. It's free regardless.

  • I'm not stupid, the only

    I'm not stupid, the only reason you want to see my work is so you can crucify me and belittle me even more. I’m confident I do professional work, I don’t need your approval to know that. I could care less if you don’t think I have any credibility you are the ones buying his line of bull and paying him. What am I asking of you? Nothing. I’d like to know his monthly bandwidth. The true number, not some made up number. I’m in this business, I’m aware of what things cost. I’ve been doing this for seven years. My whole point all along. This mob mentality shows how dense all of you are. A bunch of bullies who can’t look at the simple fact that I have no personal reason but to let the cat out of the bag. I don’t like dishonest people. I make my living by being honest. I would never be jealous of someone who makes their living by deception. I do a lot of charity work and I do it at no cost. I don’t want to change that I like the way I do things. I’m sorry when I see a snake I call them out. Dr Paul is better than this petty crap. I’m glad Michael can make a living off Dr Paul. Good for him. But lay it out there truthfully and let the people decide if they want to donate. Don’t paint a picture based on untruths.

  • I've built hundreds actually.

    I've built hundreds actually. I use to build them on other host companies. I've owned my business since 2005. Now I host them on my server. If you are looking for a web designer then lets talk, otherwise why do you care I'm not asking for anything from you but to think. You all act like a bunch of twelve year old's defending your buddy on the playground. None of you know anything about me or my business yet you are sure, I don't do this for a living or I do "rinky dink" sites.. I have nothing to gain by asking you to think and providing you with information from my business experience. More power to you if you want to personally support Michael. But lets be honest, you aren't supporting the website; you are paying his salary. And you do all the work. I put it out there, that's all I can do. You folks are this website. You add the content and you come back. This community of people is the Daily Paul (Daily Bread?). I think it's kind of you all to defend Michael. You feel his integrity is being challenged and you are defending him. Your loyalty is to be admired, albeit blind. Maybe Michael can cry in a video for the next plea for money. That will really pull at your heart strings. You all keep trying to figure out why this bothers me so much and the reason is simple. Michael acts like he's making some great sacrifice to put this website out there. Like its such a struggle to provide it. That is total BS. This site manages itself. You do all the work providing content. I don't like it when people lie to get money. That's my issue. He's relying on you to be ignorant of how simple it is and how cheap.

  • I do a few "rinky dink" free

    I do a few "rinky dink" free sites but the majority are paid for by my customers. The few free ones I do I don't solicit donations or put advertising on (that was my point in mentioning the free ones). I make my living off the Internet by providing a service and being paid for it. I get it. I believe in profit, I live by profit. But you don't normally see businesses asking for donations. Either make it a pay site or not. I'm not at all jealous. I'm trying to let the clueless know they are being duped but you are all happy in your ignornance. I tried is all I can say. What possible motivation would I have then to protect you folks from forking out your hard earned money based on a highly exagerated need. I tried, it will all someday come out in the wash.

  • I'll remind you of the

    I'll remind you of the obvious, I'm not asking for $20,000 from people who are coming to my website. I'm not having to prove anything, I'm not asking for money. That's the connection you miss that I am trying to make. If I were asking for money for my business to stay afloat I would provide full disclosure. I make my money the old fashioned, I work for it. I don't solicit donations. As a business owner I can't imagine asking for money and then not providing any information regarding the actual need for it. The members make your site. They come because they share ideas. If they didn't come you wouldn't be here. Some other site would pick up the slack. I have nothing against you, it's this practice I have a problem with. You've convinced yourself and people here somehow you've done somthing nobody else can. It's just not true. I think its how you justify this.

  • I never said I was so busy,

    twist my words that will get me, I said I didn't have the time to spam the site or create alter egos. But having been here since almost the very beginning I assumed people could say what they felt without the crap storm that has ensued. I have watched the site evolve and I have grown farther away at every step. No wonder the liberty movement is so slow to grow if this is how you treat people who don’t share your opinion. I’m expressing myself as a web professional who builds websites for a living. I know what it costs on the back end. I'be used many host companies and have crunched the numbers. Take it for what its worth. If you don’t care where your money is going more power to you. I just don’t share you attitude of complete oblivion.

  • I was waiting for this, and

    I was waiting for this, and knew it was coming. If I question your authority and express my views and they are contrary to yours I can leave. You've warned me. I'm not against any idea of liberty or anythi8ng Dr Paul stands for nor have I ever expressed any negativity to Dr Paul. I just want you to be accounatble to the members and visitors here. In my opinion you have not. For this I'm being warned. So much for liberty and free speech. I'm not working against the revolution. I'm thinking and expressing myself as Dr Paul would support. I'm speaking up against something I think seems unethical. For this I can leave. With us or against us. I'm with Dr Paul and the Revolution. I have doubts about you...

  • so your reaction is I should

    so your reaction is I should leave if I question things? I don't have time to spam this site or create alter egos. That's what I don't have time for. And this issue I am passionate about. So I will weigh in. You can say whatever you want, as can I. But I still think some accountability needs to happen when someone asks for 20K with no idea of what its for.

  • I've been here for almost 5

    I've been here for almost 5 years. I would not bother, I have better things to waste time on. I'm saying things aren't on the up and up and I've been saying it since the last request for money. I have integrity, I wouldn't do that. Ironic when I'm asking Michael to have integrity I get accused of not having it.

  • the guy who created plenty of

    the guy who created plenty of fish makes 10 million a year from people clicking on advertising. You may not be clicking but somebody is clicking to generate that kind of revenue. It's the same principle as on here. I don't click on their (POF) ads either but the owner is banking!

  • How do you know this?

    How do you know this? Because Michael says so? If its costing him as much as he leads us to believe, he's not getting a very good deal from his host company. But then again this is all speculation, we don't know what he pays, or what he pays himself but if you are good with that donate away.
    I'm in the website business and I'm calling foul. I support several free sites and have never cried for money. I don’t put annoying advertising on my sites either. If I did request donations, I would be obliged to full disclosure of my expenses to prove I really needed the money. I would not just paint a dire picture and expect people to be manipulated by my words.

    I would like to see some traffic reports. It’s like churches do, they create a building fund. They set a dollar amount as to what it will cost to build a building. Everyone knows the money is going to the building. What exactly is this 20K going toward? Pie in the sky of course.

  • Easy

    IP address. I've been saying the same thing since the last "things are dire".

  • Difference is

    I don't make money from ads and I don't ask my customers to donate $20,000 to my business.

  • Even donations require

    Even donations require transparency in where the money goes. I think its a fair question that everyone should probably be asking. Does Michael need a new car is that the reason behind the request. We talk about sheep being led without ever asking any questions. Questions are healthy , blindly following is dangerous. I don't think Michael provides the numbers because people would stop donating.

  • I have a web design company

    I have a web design company and I host about 25 sites for $5.00 a month. I can put an unlimited amount of sites and unlimited data transfer. You'll never get an answer and as your down arrow shows, these people will crucify you for even asking. Keep in mind Michael lives off this site. This is his "job" so that money also pays him. The cost of the site is nominal. I would say the better question is what is the Daily Paul paying him, since he decides that too. I read an article in Inc. magazine about where a website designer was making $10 million a year off advertising on his free dating site. Here's the link to the article. http://www.inc.com/magazine/20090101/and-the-money-comes-rol.... This site has way more ads than pof.com. And thankfully Markus doesn't come on POF threatening to bring the site down if he doesn't collect $20,000. Michael has quite a racket here. For people who don't know how easy and cheap it is to run a website he's got them bamboozled. I think your question is fair, you just won't get an answer.

  • Your request for money and

    Your request for money and the use of the word "dire" made me think things were headed for disaster. I come on once in a while to see if there is anything different that I haven't already seen on Facebook. Usually Facebook is more current. I don't personally think it's worth paying for. If it went away I have enough other places for information to get my fill. I understand its your baby and you have an emotional attachment to it. I have 25 websites running on my server and it costs me $5.00 a month. I'm not sure why your experience is different but hey I believe you.