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Gary Johnson and libertarian Republicans

Here's my election endorsement article for 2012, hot off the press. Thank you for giving it some attention.

Gary Johnson and libertarian Republicans

Why liberty-minded Republicans should vote for Gary Johnson for President

by George Dance
Sunday, November 4, 2012


P.S. anyone who wants to reprint this, or distribute it in any way, has my permission.

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Robbing Ron Paul (my new Nolan Chart article)

Robbing Ron Paul

Why Ron Paul will not be nominated in Tampa; a tale of "cheating,
lying, abuse of process, and high-handedness" in the GOP.


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Ron Paul's Delegate Count: Doing the Math

I posted a new article on the Ron Paul campaign yesterday, which I hope the DP's other readers will like to see. (I hope this is the right subforum for it).

Ron Paul's Delegate Count: Doing the Math
Ron Paul claims to have nearly 200 national Delegates. How accurate is that claim?
by George Dance
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Read the rest: http://www.nolanchart.com/article9692-ron-pauls-delegate-cou...

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New Book on Ron Paul 2008 Campaign

I'm George Dance. I've been posting on The Daily Paul since 2008. I've been writing about Ron Paul for the same time on my column at online magazine Nolan Chart.

For years I'd dreamed of being a published author, but was stuck in a dead-end job. This year the dead-end job vanished and, while I got a severance package and I'm doing some temporary work, I'm worried aobut the money running out. So, I've tried to activate my dream, too. I have published two books at lulu.com.

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Ron Paul Ames High in Iowa (new article)

I wrote a new article on Ron Paul and the Ames straw poll. I'm sorry I didn't post about it earler, in time for the Rand Paul appearance (but I guess no one missed hearing about that here). What happened was that I forgot my dp password.

Anyway, the article's linked in my sig. Google News didn't carry it, for one reason or another, so posting about it is the only way I can bring it to potential readers' attention.

UPDATE: I don't see my sig on my post, so here's the link in case it wasn't:


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Will Rand Paul run for President in 2012?

Amazingly, I read Mar. 15 on FITSnews (later corroborated by CNN) that Rand Paul will be a guest at a private meeting of South Carolina Republicans on Mar. 21, sparking buzz that Rand, not his father, will be running in 2012.

"Amazingly" to me because I had just finished an article on the same subject on Sunday, and was starting to think along the same lines.

Here's the article; I hope readers here will find it interesting:

Will Rand Paul Run?

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The case for a Ron Paul presidential campaign in 2012 (article)

I think this article is on topic in this forum, and I hope it's one that readers here will enjoy. Anyone here who wants to reprint all or bits of it has my permission.

The case for a Ron Paul presidential nomination in 2012

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This is mainly about the Ron Paul 2008 campaign,

... so I thought it's an article that people here might want to read. The problem is, google news isn't showing it (maybe because of the title), and the people who might like it aren't seeing it. So I thought I'd post a notice about it here.

rEVOLution 2.0 -- prologue

Thanks for reading.

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Backgrounder on Bierfeldt vs. Napolitano

I've written a fairly decent background article on the Transportation Security Agency and the ACLU's suit against it, Bierfeldt vs. Napolitano.

Unfortunately, Google News decided to not carry it (maybe because of the footnotes), so not many people know about it.

Hence this note. Please give it a read, and thumb it if you enjoy it. I hope you do.

ACLU sues Transportation Security Administration over Ron Paul staffer's detention


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Ron Paul helps launch Young Americans for Liberty

I hope this isn't considered spam -- I know this isn't news here, but I hope that some readers will enjoy reading the article I wrote on Ron Paul's endorsement of YAL last weekend. It's got some interesting background on Jeff Frazee -- did you know he's worked with Ron Paul since 2005, for instance? -- and SRP (including links to a couple of good articles and a video on "Ron Paul's Christmas Vacation"); plus a bit about the Young American Revolutionary project.

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Vote Third Party! Promote Ron Paul's Four Points!

Anyone who wishes to promote Ron Paul's Four Points has no better vehicle, in the few short days remaining until Election Day, than the one offered here:


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Third-party debate in early October

The man behind Ron Paul's multi-million-dollar money bombs announces a money bomb and broadcast debate for the third-party candidates. The challenges are enormous, but so is the potential.

Please read:

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Know any Obama supporters in Idaho?

Then phone or e-mail them today, and tell them to vote for Ron Paul in the primary on Tuesday. Make it short and sweet. Tell them:

"You can't vote for Obama on May 27. The Democrats aren't holding a primary that day. They held a caucus back in February, which Obama won.

"If you want to help Obama on May 27, please vote in the open Republican Party to beat John McCain. Please vote for Ron Paul."

For more details, see:
"Operation RonDemption for Idaho"

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This candidate in Illlinois needs help

I've been posting links to my RP articles on Nolan Chart for a while, but this is different. Here's a good candidate in Illinois who needs help. Please read his story:


Then check out his web page:


and decide for yourself if you can help him out.

If someone did a money bomb for him, it would be great of course.

(I apologize if this is off topic in this forum, since the candidate is not running as a Republican but as a Libertarian; but I'm unaware of any Ron Paul Republicans competing in CD14.)

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The RPR Needs Help in Hawai'i - can you help?

Greetings to all at Daily Paul. I’m sorry I don’t write here more often – writing at Nolan Chart takes up pretty much all my available time -- but I still read DP, and I appreciate seeing people noticing and linking to my NC columns here.

Enough about me, though. What I’d like to pass on is an appeal for help from my fellow NC columnist, RS Davis, who writes “The Freedom Files.”

I’ve linked to Davis’ full article at the end, but here are the highlights: