• Hi. There was a call to

    Hi. There was a call to pummel the networks for not reporting this correctly (MSNBC?). I contacted them. I agree, some more emphasis needs to be made on how much he made and average donation (vs. Romney's rich donors for example). I'm not sure how much information can be assembled this early?

  • Good luck

    I cannot attend unless I wear a ski mask (I work for those guys). Sorry

  • I like this thread - kind of like a prayer bomb

    Whether you call it prayer, universal energy, the outcry of the people - it is being heard. Tonight, I am praying for America, Ron Paul and all the patriots in this cause. Thank you all for what you're doing.

  • Donate one of these babies to your local library

    If the closest branch has one, donate it to another branch. Of course, the more we can afford, the more we can share the good Doctor's message.

  • If we say we trust him, let's trust him

    Hey all. I have a question. If Howard and Kucinich are demanding (and paying for) a recount, won't, "All" the votes be recounted? Could the good doctor benefit? Maybe this is all academic since the chain of custody of was broken.....but I am curious.
    An opinion for those who say they would no longer support Paul if, "He" does not demand a recount. Some things to consider: If Paul asks for a recount, could the MSM use that against him? Possibly make him look like a sore loser - waste his time/resources - especially if he remains 5th place. Maybe with the other candidates requesting, it will benefit Paul? I hope so. The other thing is I really think Paul wants, "US" to take action. Whether he wins or not, something bigger has begun - a rekindling of patriotism and respect for the constitution, a remedy for apathy, hope for the future, etc.... I feel it in my gut.........and it is good. Also, I think he is quite busy travelling, meeting people/shaking hands, preparing/engaging in battle at these debates, etc... The man is 72. In my humble opinion, he deserves our support and understanding. Let's fight the good fight.