• Not

    We don't KNOW any of this. It is all alleged, and poorly at that given the delay and lack of transparency by the authorities. In THIS country even a dead man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers after having all the evidence presented in an adversarial forum. And since Officer Krumpky removed the possibility of a trial, Mr. Brown will remain forever innocent. The only question of guilt before the law at this point is of the officer's culpability for murder. If you think otherwise, you can take your second passport and go back to where you came from.

  • Coming out...

    Many, perhaps most or even all, libertarians are born that way, but our society fails to present them with self-identification options often until they are far into adulthood. In this way, the "enlightenment" language so often used to describe the libertarian "conversion" experience is a form of the late first homosexual experience and subsequent coming out that is so common for rural Southern (often married) men. In neither case is it a true conversion, but rather a belated self-discovery.

  • Maybe, maybe not...

    The shoes look distinctly different to me. But here are a couple of critical legal points. On any hot summer day, in a poor community where everyone shops from the same stores, where peer pressure is amplified due to street culture, the probability of people wearing extremely similar clothing is very high; and the pictures confer nothing other than the fact that an altercation took place. At this point we have only the shopkeeper's words regarding what occurred, what instigated it, and who was involved. It has also been my experience having worked overseas for periods in my life, that much of the world is very homogenous and bigoted in ways that Americans find positively 18th century. If this other individual is the typical immigrant shopkeepers that he appears to be, not only might he see all Black people as looking alike, but he might also harbor racial bigotries, and most crucially, have attitudes about shopkeeping, and what people can and cannot do in stores, that is widely divergent from the American norm. In short, as is always the case, eye witness testimony is at best unreliable and in this case may be more so.

  • Oh, and...

    Was any stolen merchandise recovered?

  • Maybe...

    Maybe it is time that America grew up and got some adult perspective on whether dead citizens, murdered no matter how you slice it, and millions of dollars in property damage and as much more in policing and other administrative costs (including the inevitable criminal and civil trials) is the RATIONAL way to handle the theft of a $25 box of cigars! For god sakes people, theft can be written off as a business cost and covered by insurance. This is insane. In NO other country in the world do police undertake high speed chases and Wild West shoot outs that put all of us at risk over petty crimes. Why? Because it is an irrational and stupid response to the problem, one the libertarians should vigorously oppose. For those who doubt Rand Paul's bona fides, just look to his positions on such matters to see who he really is.

  • If...

    If this info was legit they would not have waited nearly a week to produce it. Most likely the delay was the result of needing to produce it, because otherwise this officer is guilty of murder. Oops, as it turns out he IS guilty of murder anyway. You shoot a surrendering subject, it is murder. Period.

  • At the mall?

    It has been at least a year. Many years since I just went to a mall to shop for fun.

  • Perhaps...

    Because the shotgun was unloaded?

  • Oops...

    But now where is Eric Holder going to get the guns he gives to Mexican drug lords?

  • Oops...

    But now where is Eric Holder going to get the guns he gives to Mexican drug lords?

  • Nope, racist.

    Even a cursory review of Jewish scripture reveals it is rife with racist teaching and in particular refers to non-Jews as "beasts" and "animals". The person who wrote this used exactly the words he meant. Take your head out of the sand. Orthodox and Zionist Judaism is just as racist as Nazi White supremacy.

  • Racism

    And there you have it, "... Beasts of the East." People are becoming increasingly educated to the racism that motivates Zionism and they want no part of that hate and bigotry.

  • Please...

    There was every reason to question the veracity of the Bergdahl narrative five years ago, and exponentially more as of yesterday. Nothing about this passes the smell test.

  • Huh?

    Isn't that more properly referred to as the Rightwing-Neocons Leadership Conference?

  • Wise...

    We wouldn't want to see you disappeared.

  • Putin

    Most Americans, even those on the Daily Paul, sadly rely solely on the Western-controlled media to inform their views on Mr. Putin. It is a mistake, just as large a mistake as it was for Soviet citizens to rely on Pravda for their opinions. I daily read several international media site and direct sourced news sites that are outside of the U.S. sphere of control and as a result I too have to say I have come to respect and admire Putin. He is showing incredible restraint and control, even humor, in the face of Obama's bumbling provocations. Let's hope it continues, because if we attack and Russia goes to war she will be a formidable enemy and most certainly will not be without many allies who are also tired of being kicked around by the playground bully that the U.S. has become.

  • What do they both have in common?

    Better grammar than the writer of this post?

  • This is total bunk and every

    This is total bunk and every single America who buys groceries or gets a pay stub knows it. Don't let conservatives or libertarians make such arguments. It only destroys our credibility. Those making these arguments are wealthy corporate opportunists, not liberty supporters. Know them for the effect their message produces, which is to undermine us and to prevent us from building the vitally necessary coalition with the disillusioned progressive Left.

  • Liberty viewing...

    V for Vendetta
    Atlas Shrugged, Part I
    Atlas Shrugged, Part II
    The Fountainhead
    We, The Living
    The Lives of Others
    John Adams (8 hr. mini series)
    Les Miserables
    Three Kings
    Men With Goats
    The Patriot

    That should get you through the weekend.

  • Disagree...

    Rand accomplished something, and made us safer without regard for where it took him.
    Cruz just wasted time tilting at a windmill in order to establish his credentials.
    Why did Cruz need to establish his credentials, because his history and family are too closely associated with Goldman Sachs to be trusted.