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Is anyone else just as concerned with purging the Neocons and other non-libertarians on the site as with policing the gate now? These people have practically ruined the site with their poisonous postings that leave neophyte readers with the impression that libertarianism means anything and nothing.

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No more right to assemble in the US...

It is every Americans' right to protest, correct? To pick up a sign, walk a picket line, yell crazy things through a bullhorn, to make themselves heard, and to often just make backends of themselves. Most of us have never done it. Most of us would find it embarrassing. Many of us would be terrified to do it. But it a right, it is written into our Constitution. And it is should be a right.

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New Monsanto Menace

Monsanto continues to be a powerful menace. This just in... from a local news station in Central Illinois according to a friend there. 70 teenagers who were detasseling corn in Pesotum, Illinois were sprayed with an unidentified chemical substance by a Monsanto crop duster. The company claims the plane made a wrong turn, as though a pilot couldn't see a field full of teenagers.

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Is Ted Cruz a Neocon Plant like Obama?

Yesterday President Obama failed to show up or send a representative at the first Senate hearings on closing Guantanamo held since 2009. Senator Dick Durbin (IL) who hosted the hearings vouches that the White House was sent an invitation.

The White House snub was far from the most alarming thing that happening at the hearings.